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Are Meme Coins Done For With PEPE Price Down 13%? KAI’s Surge Says Otherwise

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Pepe Coin (PEPE) on the Ethereum network was trading down some 13% on crypto exchanges for the 7-day period ending Monday June 3. Starting off last week at a high around the $0.000017 level, the popular frog-based meme coin gave up gains and fell to $0.000014 by Monday, with support around the $0.0000145 line.

That’s exciting news for Pepe Coin market watchers, but real quick first, there’s been some more exciting news going around lately about a new coin project called Kai Cat Coin. It’s $KAI on the Ethereum network. The project will soon list its tokens on exchanges for markets to evaluate minutely day-by-day, but for now it’s still in presale in June for a very low special price.

So how is Pepe Coin doing now, with its tokens selling at market correction prices off the bargain bin to start off June, the final month of H1 and Q2?

June Pepe Coin Price Opportunity

Pepe Coin is the 20th largest cryptocurrency in the world by market capitalization. Market cap is the total amount of the currency times its exchange price. PEPE’s market cap is over $6 billion at the beginning of June, making it one of the largest currencies in the world. It’s even bigger by market cap than Uniswap (UNI), Render (RNDR), and Dogwifhat (WIF).

Since falling some 13% on the seven day chart, Pepe Coin looks like it could fall some more, so altcoin traders may want to be wary not to catch a falling knife, but if it starts to hop back up the chart again, feeling froggy could pay off after the markets move. 

A double digit drop in Pepe token prices would leave many hedge fund active managers’ heads spinning in the traditional finance world, but blockchain markets see this sort of volatility all the time. They’re used to this because it’s been going on for years. What’s more interesting to these total “degenerate” investors is that the Pepe price is up 80% on the 30-day chart.

Meanwhile, the frog-themed meme currency has delivered its holders some 1,035% returns on investment (ROI) over the most recent 12-month period. So the currency seems to be in a broader bull market with a potentially steep uptrend to continue if bulls keep liking this coin. That makes a 13% price gap over last week’s rate look like a nice bargain sale for meme investors.

Happy Prospecting, Altcoin Gem Hunters

Snagging a 13% discounted entry point is a nice way to leverage a large principal sum and get a good lick off the market. Determined investors don’t forsake short-term falling markets within long-term rising channels as opportunities to gain traction and accumulate faster.

This isn’t exactly professional advice— it’s something called frog money, but it’s the kind of information that has helped many saver-investors researching cryptocurrency altcoins online to make some stupid ventures that have paid off stupid rewards in droves.

While hunting around the liquidity pools on Ethereum for a good meme currency to invest in for the lulz as well as the ROI, the altcoin prospector who’s onto something may find themselves face-to-face with the king of the wood— Kai Cat Coin ($KAI), a new Ethereum kitty that is determined to take the dogs down one by one. 

Visit Kai Cat’s Presale Here


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