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Best Meme Coin to Buy Now: MoonBag Presale Hits Gold as Dogeverse and Floki Inu Lose Buyers

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What truly inspires you to pick a cryptocurrency for investment? This may differ for each person, but ultimately, you look into the project that offers you the most in return. Let’s take a look at meme coins, for example. How do you decide which meme coin is the one for your investment? Industry enthusiasts say that looking at a meme coin’s offers in their presale tells a lot about how it will perform later in the game. 

With that in mind, newcomer MoonBag (MBAG) is the latest meme coin to hit the market. Astonishingly, MoonBag’s presale has gotten off to a dream start as it raised more than 100,000 USD in less than two weeks. Definitely one of the contenders in the best meme coin presale category. MoonBag’s coin offers a world of goodness in the presale stage, including a staking option which isn’t quite the norm in the meme coin presales. Due to the meme coin’s presale offers, $MBAG coin has sparked excitement among existing investors and potential joiners. The presale offered early joiners a whopping 15,000% return on investment. Currently, in its first stage, the $MBAG coin is available at $0.00005. Joining the fun ride to the moon in the early stages ensures massive profits. This is why investors, who were earlier busy on Dogeverse (DOGEVERSE) counter, have now shifted their interest to MoonBag presale. 

How Did Dogverse Fall Off the Popularity Scale?

Dogverse (DOGEVERSE) has been known to be a meme coin with both ups and downs. So while the coin has its advantages – being a multichain project in the realm of meme coins, it has also experienced setbacks. The meme coin has been considered a fun coin but it also comes with serious risks from ecosystem dependence. Along with the threat of security risks and network restrictions, the meme coin has recently fallen off on the popularity scale as investors seek a more secure and reliable coin, for example, MoonBag crypto.

Industry experts also have their sights set on newer and more exciting meme coins that offer more functionality, centralised accessibility and presale offers that are hard to ignore – yes, we’re looking at you, MoonBag. With all that said, MBAG coins might just be the solution that disappointed Dogverse investors are seeking.  

Floki Inu Loses Charm After Recent Market Slumps

Floki Inu (FLOKI) has made waves in crypto news lately for plans to introduce regulated bank accounts – a groundbreaking innovation allowing users to make legitimate digital accounts but with Floki and physical Floki cards. Inspired by Elon Musk’s dog, Floki has a dedicated fanbase. However, this does not save the meme coin from making dips in the global market. Recently, the coin witnessed a slump in price, causing an uproar from their dedicated fanbase. 

What Makes MoonBag the Best Meme Coin to Buy Now?

MoonBag meme coin is set to meet the hype that its presale has caused by offering users a unique and stable experience. Additionally, it intends to keep its promise of giving investors a larger ROI than they could have imagined. Imagine gaining a 15,000% return on your investment in just a  few months. And that’s not all!

MoonBag presale offers investors a range of advantages and special access features, one of which is the opportunity to stake coins at 88% APY. This would allow you to grow investments without actively monitoring the growth in a safe environment. 

MoonBag’s Presale: The Right Move 

As you now decide which meme coin is the best for your investment endeavours, take the time to find out what MoonBag crypto offers you and how it might be the most beneficial coin for your investment. As far as meme coins go, the mascots find themselves in a war of their own as cute MoonBag monkey challenges the hegemony of Dogeverse and Floki Inu’s dogs. However, regardless of how the mascots do, this is a meme coin that is worth monitoring and perhaps the best meme coin to buy now. 

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