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Best Meme Coins to Buy for 100X Gains in 2024: Dogecoin & PEPE Lead Alongside 1000X Leverage Platform DTX

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Crypto enthusiasts are always looking out for the next big breakout project. While established cryptocurrencies offer stability and long-term profitability, investors lean towards a particular asset class for short-term gains: meme coins. Meme coins can experience explosive surges in a short period because of their foundation on community sentiments. Amongst the large pool of meme coins out there, we’ll talk about two coins that market sentiments have favored for 100x gains in 2024: Dogecoin and PEPE. We’ll also look at a rising crypto exchange star that offers up to 1000x leverage: DTX Exchange. 

Why Memecoins?

Meme coins are a unique breed of cryptocurrency. They look more like marketing campaigns or gimmicks than real crypto projects with real problem-solving qualities that make decentralized solutions a better option than traditional systems. Their price can surge tremendously in a short period because they are tied to hype, community support, celebrity endorsement, and viral trends. However, when these things are absent, they can hit rock bottom as quickly or faster than they rose. 

For investors with very high-risk tolerance, though, meme coins can offer them the potential for a huge return on investment (ROI). Two promising meme coin investments in 2024 are:

Dogecoin: What Bitcoin is to all cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin is to all meme coins. It remains cherished in the hearts of many crypto enthusiasts since it made its remarkable rally in 2021. Its lighthearted nature and association with a somewhat comical but influential Elon Musk have fueled numerous price rallies. Dogecoin remains a contender in the meme coin market and the global cryptocurrency market, sitting 8th on the list of cryptos with the largest market cap.

PEPE: PEPE has gained significant traction over time, too, placing it among the current top 5 meme coins. Inspired by the popular frog meme, its association with Internet culture, and its potential for further development, I have shortlisted it as an interesting investment opportunity in 2024. 

DTX Exchange: Supercharge your crypto gains

Suppose you’re familiar with the novel Fast and Furious movie sequel distributed by Universal Pictures. In that case, you’ll know Dominic Toretto always has an extra turbo boost in his Ford Mustang that makes him go faster than his highest speed limit. Okay, how does that relate to DTX? Well, DTX has replaced Dominic’s extra turbo booster with a 1000x leverage trading option that allows traders to boost their potential earnings significantly. While there’s an inherent risk with high-leverage trading, the upside is quite rewarding. 

DTX doesn’t just stop at a high leverage, low asset range offer. Its platform takes it up a notch, more like a higher notch, by offering high leverage and a wide range of tradable asset classes, up to 120,000 financial instruments. DTX is set to remove the limits traditional or common DEXs put on traders by also offering cryptocurrencies, foreign exchange, stocks, and contract-for-differences (CFDs) as options to trade from —all in one platform. 

DTX is currently in its presale stage at $0.02. To learn more about DTX Exchange, visit DTX’s presale website or join DTX’s Telegram community


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