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Beware: Scammers use Musk’s internet service Starlink to defraud Iranians in Bitcoin

Scammers using Elon Musk's internet service Starlink defrauding Iranians in Bitcoin

Fraudsters are allegedly using the Elon Musk satellite internet service Starlink to cash on unsuspecting Iranians through a Bitcoin scam. 

The scam was highlighted by Reddit and Twitter users, who pointed out the website “” was essentially a scam due to apparent flaws and red flags. 

The most outstanding red flag is that Iran does not have any relationship with Starlink, and there are no existing orders yet. 

According to the website, Iranians who are open to their services would part with a hardware fee of $249 and a monthly charge of $49, all payable through Bitcoin. The website indicates that the payment is confidential due to the choice of Bitcoin.

However, according to the Starlink original pricing, the satellite internet kit goes for $499 while the monthly service cost is $99. 

Social media presence

Furthermore, the company behind has social media presence with a considerable following. However, the engagement rate remains low and does not match the following. Notably, some users have complained that the service is a scam. 

The fraudsters are seemingly taking advantage of the current Iran internet issues, and Bitcoin appears to be the payment method of choice due to the anonymity nature of the cryptocurrency. 

The Starlink internet service promises high speed and stable connection, a luxury most regions in the world lack. The service is yet to expand globally, but Starlink is currently receiving orders. 


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