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Bitcoin Core 25.0 is now available on GitHub

Bitcoin Core 25.0 is now available on GitHub

Bitcoin Core, the reference implementation of the Bitcoin (BTC) protocol, plays a crucial role in the functioning and integrity of the Bitcoin network. Serving as a full node client, it enables users to validate transactions, maintain a copy of the blockchain, and participate in the consensus process.

On Friday, May 26, the newest version of Bitcoin Core became available on GitHub.

Version 25.0 brings a myriad of updates, including new features, multiple bug fixes, and various performance improvements. Most notably, the upgrade has enabled transactions of non-witness size 65 bytes, according to the update notes listed on GitHub.

“Transactions of non-witness size 65 bytes and above are now allowed by mempool and relay policy. This is to better reflect the actual afforded protections against CVE-2017-12842 and open up additional use-cases of smaller transaction sizes.”

– the update notes on GitHub state.

Bitcoin Core 25.0 new remote procedure calls

Furthermore, Bitcoin Core version 25.0 also brings new remote procedure calls (RPCs) – key elements of on-chain applications that enable apps to ‘read and write’ the information while working with blockchains.

“The scanblocks RPC returns the relevant blockhashes from a set of descriptors by scanning all blockfilters in the given range. It can be used in combination with the getblockheader and rescanblockchain RPCs to achieve fast wallet rescans.”

Among other things, the latest Bitcoin Core update also added new wallet functions such as ‘minconf’ and ‘maxcon,’ graphical user interface (GUI) changes, and new settings. 

What is Bitcoin Core?

Bitcoin Core is an open-source software project that serves as the primary software client for interacting with the Bitcoin network.

It serves to provide the necessary infrastructure to validate transactions, maintain the blockchain, and participate in the consensus process. In addition, Bitcoin Core also includes a full node implementation, a wallet for storing and sending Bitcoins, and tools for developers to build applications on top of the Bitcoin network. 

This open-source code is highly regarded within the Bitcoin community and is maintained by a team of dedicated developers.

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