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Bitcoin is ‘bad for dictators’ says the Human Rights Foundation

Bitcoin is ‘bad for dictators’ says the Human Rights Foundation

Alex Gadstein, Chief Strategy Office of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF), appeared in an interview on the What Bitcoin Did podcast, published on April 8, to talk about the ultimate use cases for Bitcoin (BTC).

In a 1-hour interview, Gladstein explained that Bitcoin is not just an investment, highlighting how bad it is for dictators. Interestingly, Bitcoin is a technology, or a tool, that facilitates savings, commerce, freedom, and energy efficiency, according to HRF’s CSO.

“Bitcoin is not just a savings technology, it’s not just a freedom technology, it’s not just a commerce technology, it’s an energy savings technology. The fact that it does all four things is pretty remarkable but when you study it closely, you start to see how they’re all connected.”

– Alex Gladstein, CSO of the Human Rights Foundation

Moreover, Gladstein stated that “Bitcoin is bad for dictators. Bitcoin is really bad for dictators.” On what Peter McCormack, the podcast host, agreed and added: “I’m pretty sure dictators use Bitcoin themselves.”

Why is Bitcoin bad for dictators?

After the introduction, Alex Gladstein started the interview by raising Bitcoin’s core use case as being money. In his words, money is not limited to a store of value, and urged people to understand Bitcoin’s utility.

“This thing [Bitcoin] is so useful and so uniquely useful that it demands our attention.”

– Alex Gladstein, CSO of the Human Rights Foundation

Notably, is the use case as money that the Chief Strategy Office believes makes Bitcoin so bad for dictators. In his opinion, dictators will go “all out” against non-KYC self-custodial Bitcoin use, because it is terrible for them. In particular, the peer-to-peer nature of the technology is, in Gladstein’s words, Bitcoin’s grassroots use case.

On that note, however, he explained that different people will see different use cases for Bitcoin. Watch the full interview below:

Who is Alex Gladstein and the Human Rights Foundation?

Alex Gladstein is the Chief Strategy Officer at the Human Rights Foundation (HRF), a non-profit organization promoting human rights globally. Gladstein is a prominent advocate for Bitcoin, believing in its potential to empower individuals and protect human rights.

The CSO has written extensively about Bitcoin’s role in advancing financial freedom and combating authoritarianism. Gladstein has been instrumental in educating policymakers, journalists, and the public about Bitcoin’s transformative impact on human rights.

Under his leadership, the HRF has embraced Bitcoin as a tool for protecting privacy, freedom of speech, and financial sovereignty. The organization has also launched the Bitcoin Development Fund to support developers working on Bitcoin’s core protocol.

Gladstein’s work has been featured in major publications, and he is a sought-after speaker at conferences worldwide. Through his tireless efforts, Gladstein has become a leading voice in the intersection of Bitcoin and human rights, working to create a more free and open world.

Alex Gladstein has lived through Bitcoin use cases

In summary, his interest in Bitcoin was piqued in 2011 when he witnessed WikiLeaks turning to the cryptocurrency after being financially censored. This event sparked his curiosity about Bitcoin’s potential for circumventing traditional financial barriers.

In 2013, he observed how Bitcoin enabled fundraising efforts for Ukrainian protesters, further solidifying his belief in its transformative power. As donations in Bitcoin started flowing into the Human Rights Foundation, Gladstein recognized the cryptocurrency’s ability to support the organization’s mission.

These experiences collectively shaped his understanding of Bitcoin’s significance in promoting financial freedom and empowering individuals facing oppression or censorship. Furthermore, increasing his conviction of how Bitcoin is bad for dictators and a tool for the defense of human rights.

Gladstein’s journey highlights his keen observation of real-world events and his ability to recognize Bitcoin’s potential for driving positive change.

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