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BlockDAG’s Dev Release 53: Mempool Enhancements Fuel $52.2M Presale Success

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BlockDAG’s Development (Dev) Release 53 has introduced significant improvements to mempool management in its Blockchain Explorer, enhancing both performance and efficiency. This upgrade reflects BlockDAG’s ongoing commitment to innovation and reliability, crucial for sustaining its impressive presale momentum.

With the presale already amassing $52.2 million in batch 18 and the coin’s price at $0.0122, experts forecast a rise to $10 by 2025. These technological strides, coupled with the upcoming mainnet debut, are setting BlockDAG apart as a leading investment in the cryptocurrency market.

BlockDAG’s Presale Soars to $52.2M as Mainnet Debut Approaches

BlockDAG’s presale has surged, accumulating a whopping $52.2 million as it moves through Batch 18. This remarkable growth has cemented BlockDAG’s status as a prime crypto investment. Currently, the coin stands at $0.0122—a staggering 1,120% increase from its initial price. Analysts see this trajectory pointing to a $10 value by 2025. Keynote 2 has also shone a light on the network’s technical enhancements and its roadmap, heightening anticipation for the mainnet launch.

The mainnet is on the horizon, promising to revolutionize the crypto realm. The Devnet phase saw the creation of key components like the Peer-to-Peer Engine and Block & DAG Algorithm, along with EVM Compatibility and Metamask Integration. With the testnet slated for mid-August and bug fixes in progress, the mainnet is expected to go live within four months, underscoring BlockDAG’s pursuit of excellence.

Dev Release 53: Elevating Mempool Management

The latest BlockDAG Dev Release 53 prioritizes enhancing mempool management, a crucial aspect for temporarily holding transactions before they get added to a block. This update brings notable advancements that boost transaction throughput, minimize latency, and ensure network stability.

The RemoveTransaction function has been fine-tuned to improve efficiency in identifying and deleting transactions, along with better handling of dependent transactions. The RemoveDoubleSpends feature now employs advanced algorithms for quicker double-spend detection and simultaneous processing of multiple transactions. 

Furthermore, the handling of orphan transactions has been optimized with superior tracking and memory management, facilitating swift identification and elimination of unconnected transactions.

Streamlining the reconnection of orphan transactions with batch processing has further reduced latency. The MaybeAcceptTransaction function now includes refined criteria for transaction acceptance and enhanced rate limiting to manage high volumes efficiently. The HaveTransaction function has been improved with optimized hash table lookups and caching for frequently queried transactions.

Pruning expired transactions is now more efficient, thanks to an upgraded tracking system and automated process. The processing of new transactions includes advanced validation logic for security and real-time adjustments based on network conditions. Additionally, retrieving the main blockchain height has been improved for more accurate and timely updates. These optimizations significantly boost BlockDAG’s performance and reliability, enhancing transaction processing efficiency, reducing latency, and ensuring network stability.

Closing Thoughts

The critical enhancements in Dev Release 53, particularly in mempool management, boost Blockchain Explorer’s capabilities but also bolster investor confidence. These advancements have propelled the presale to $52.2 million. With forward-looking plans like the mainnet launch, BlockDAG is well on its way to reaching its $10 price goal by 2025, marking it as a lucrative investment opportunity.

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