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BlockDAG’s X1 Mining App Gains Ground: $49.2M Presale Achievement, Conquering TRX Staking, and BCH Robustness

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B2BinPay has just enhanced its platform with improved TRX staking options, making managing digital assets more streamlined and effective. At the same time, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has shown impressive resilience in the market, rallying past the $400 mark to signal a strong bullish trend.

At the heart of these advancements, BlockDAG‘s X1 mining app is causing a stir in the cryptocurrency world. With a robust $49.2 million from its presale and over 11.4 billion coins distributed, its intuitive and energy-efficient features are propelling its fame, setting it up as a leading cryptocurrency to invest in by 2024. This innovative step foretells a flourishing future in the ever-changing world of digital currencies.

B2BinPay Broadens Its TRX Staking Features 

As a top blockchain service provider, B2BinPay has broadened its services to incorporate enhanced TRX staking, boosting flexibility and efficiency for its users. This enhancement utilizes the advanced Stake 2.0 mechanism from the TRON network.

This update allows users to stake any amount of TRX and receive an annual passive yield of 3-5%, dependent on the network’s status. Staking TRX transforms it into Bandwidth and Energy, enhancing transaction capacity and enabling smart contracts, thus slashing fees and enhancing overall efficiency. This strategic move solidifies TRX staking as a pivotal feature for optimizing blockchain functionalities.

Bitcoin Cash Demonstrates Market Strength 

Recently, Bitcoin Cash has exhibited market strength, bouncing back vigorously from a recent low, with support levels strongly holding above $400. This recovery is a bullish indicator, with Bitcoin Cash rallying strongly from a previous drop below $500 in April.

Bitcoin Cash rose by 8.67% this week, effectively counteracting the recent dip and a potential evening star formation on its weekly chart. Currently trading at $492.97, it has seen three consecutive days of gains, though with a slight 0.56% decrease today, indicating a cautious stance as it nears the $500 mark once more. The market’s current trajectory is optimistic, suggesting a breakthrough of higher Fibonacci levels might be on the horizon.

BlockDAG’s X1 App Unveils Proof-of-Engagement Feature 

BlockDAG’s X1 app is revolutionizing the cryptocurrency mining realm by making it more eco-friendly and user-friendly. Currently in beta for both iOS and Android, the X1 app simplifies the mining process with an easy-to-use interface, allowing users to efficiently mine BDAG coins directly from their smartphones. This breakthrough not only streamlines mining but also introduces a referral system and daily rewards, boosting both engagement and profitability.

Distinctively, the X1 app incorporates a Proof-of-Engagement mechanism, as detailed in BlockDAG’s DAGPaper and highlighted during Keynote 2. This feature ensures network integrity and user privacy while safeguarding transactions on the blockchain. BlockDAG’s commitment to eco-friendliness shines through its energy-efficient mining algorithm, establishing it as a frontrunner in sustainable cryptocurrency technology.

The recent Keynote 2.0 announced the completion of Phase 1, featuring key developments such as Wireframe & UI Designing and User Onboarding. Moving forward, BlockDAG aims to enhance the app with a Wallet, Send/Receive modules, a Leaderboard, and a Community Section, which promises to vastly improve the user experience.

Now in its 18th batch, priced at $0.0122 per coin, BlockDAG has quickly positioned itself as a leading cryptocurrency to watch in 2024, with $49.2 million already raised in its presale. This impressive achievement in the presale illustrates BlockDAG’s strong foothold in the market and foretells a promising outlook for both investors and users.

Why Opt for BlockDAG Over TRX and BCH?

Although TRX staking and BCH’s robust market performance provide viable opportunities, BlockDAG’s X1 mining app distinctly shines in the crypto landscape. Having secured a substantial $49.2 million in its presale and selling 11.4 billion coins, BlockDAG is quickly becoming the premier cryptocurrency investment for 2024. This successful presale highlights its considerable market potential, positioning it as a prime candidate for significant future growth. 

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