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Boeing Records First Coronavirus Case As Google Restricts Visits

A Boeing plane taxied on the runway awaiting clearance

In recent months, Boeing has faced many challenges due to the worldwide grounding of its 737 Max fleet. Now, a new problem arises as the US aviation behemoth confirmed that one of its factory laborers tested positive for coronavirus.

The affected employee works at Boeing’s Everett factory located near Seattle in the northwestern part of Washington State. This region is among the most affected by the COVID-19 illness outbreak in the United States.

Despite this announcement, the Boeing (BA) stock is up 1.69% trading at $231.01. However, everything seems to be going wrong for the aviation company with demand drying up amid coronavirus fears.

Google restrictions

On the other hand, Google, on March 9, restricted visits to its Silicon Valley offices. Also, the search engine giant restricted visits to its offices in New York and San Francisco as it beefed up precautions against the deadly coronavirus.

These enhanced measures were enacted as reports emerged that Apple had also joined the growing list of tech giant firms advising employees to work from home.

Also, the prestigious TED Conference scheduled for April 2020 has been postponed to protect the health of those who wish to attend.

To minimize the risk posed by the deadly virus, “external/social visits” to some Google offices were officially restricted.

Furthermore, all job interviews will remain ‘virtual’ instead of physical visits for the foreseeable future, according to a Google spokesperson.

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