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BTCX Token Pre-Sale Begins; Can it Outperform Pepe and Shibarium?

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BTCX Token is now one of the trendiest tokens in the crypto market. This token is an ERC-20 upgrade to Bitcoin, raising more than $10,000 in the first two days of its presale. Investors must act quickly if they wish to get $BTCX Token before the presale runs out.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything investors need to know about BTCX Token explain how to acquire BTCX Token token during the presale.

What is BTCX Token?

BTCX Token is a green deflationary cryptocurrency that seeks to alter the bitcoin market’s dynamics. BTCX Token is a combination of the traditional financial concepts of bitcoin and the blockchain technologies of Ethereum.

Notably, BTCX Token provides token rewards to investors who stake BTCX Token. This indicates that, unlike other traditional cryptocurrencies, $BTCX Token has utility. The objective of the $BTCX Token initiative is to achieve a market cap of $100 million. The token will launch with a market valuation of just over $7.5 million, so early investors have the potential for a 20x return.

How to Buy BTCX Token Tokens on Presale

You can think of a presale as an invitation rather than a sale. It’s a call to action, a chance to be part of something from the very beginning. With BTCX Token, the presale event is a gateway to innovation and opportunity, with tokens starting at less than $1.

$BTCX Tokens are available to buy right now during the project’s presale. Here’s how to buy $BTCX Token in 5 quick steps.

Step 1: Get a Crypto Wallet

Investors must have an ERC-20 compatible crypto wallet to buy $BTCX Token during the presale. We recommend MetaMask or Trustwallet.

Visit the MetaMask or Trustwallet website and install the wallet app on a computer, browser, or mobile device. Create a new password, then write down the seed phrase and store it somewhere secure.

Step 2: Buy ETH, BNB or USDT

Investors must swap $ETH (Ethereum), $BNB  or $USDT (Tether) for $BTCX Token tokens during the presale.

The best way to get $ETH, $BNB or $USDT is using a centralized exchange that accepts fiat payments. Most exchanges accept credit and debit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets.

Create an exchange account, make a deposit, and then purchase $ETH, $BNB or $USDT. Transfer the tokens to the MetaMask or Trust wallet set up in Step 1.

Step 3: Visit the BTCX Token Presale

Head to the BTCX Token presale site and click ‘Connect Wallet’ to connect the Metamask or Trust wallet. Follow the prompts to authorize the connection.

Step 4: Buy BTCX Token

Buy with ETH or USDT on the Ethereum Chain or BNB or USDT on the Binance Chain. Enter the quantity of ETH or BTCX tokens to buy and click the purchase button.

A quick reminder to keep enough ETH or BNB in your wallet to pay gas charges. Your wallet reserves 0.01 ETH (~$30) or 0.0025BNB (~$1) for GAS expenses to prevent transaction failures.

Step 5: Claim Tokens

After the final presale round, you’ll have the exclusive chance to claim your tokens before we launch on Uniswap and other centralized exchanges.

We’ll notify you of claiming and launch dates. Please note that note that claiming and trading BTCX is possible ONLY via Ethereum network. Exciting times ahead!

Visit BTCX Token Presale

$BTCX Token Tokenomics

$BTCX Token is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain. It has a total supply of 21,000,000 tokens. 

The supply is allocated into 4 categories:

  • 25% of the total supply is available during the $BTCX Token presale
  • 24% of the total supply is set aside to provide staking rewards
  • 41% of the total supply is locked in the combustion contract
  • 10% of the total supply is locked to provide liquidity on exchanges

The presale only has a single stage and has a hard cap of $2,098,547. It’s already sold more than $10,000 worth of $BTCX Token tokens in just 2 days. $BTCX Token is currently priced at $0.85.

Is BTCX Token a Good Investment?

While there’s no guarantee that BTCX Token will also return thousands of percent to investors, the overall trend is promising. BTCX Token’s goal is to reach a $100 million market cap, which represents a 20x gain from the launch price. While that’s a lofty goal, analysts like Goalorious think that it’s possible.

The excitement around $BTCX Token is palpable. The project sold more than $10,000 worth of $BTCX Token during the first 2 days of its presale, which is an impressively fast launch. At that rate, the presale will hit its hard cap within a few weeks.

Another reason to be bullish on $BTCX Token is that it deflationary and offers staking rewards. This could help the token gain popularity outside of traders simply searching for the next token to explode.

As investors stake $BTCX Token, it will also lock up tokens and reduce the supply available for trading. Assuming demand stays constant, that’s expected to push up the price and further encourage investors to stake their $BTCX Token.


The BTCX Token presale marks a pivotal moment for both seasoned crypto enthusiasts and newcomers. By leveraging deflationary features, staking rewards, and the promise of ongoing innovation, BTCX Token presents an investment that is both accessible and forward-thinking.

The meticulous planning behind this project extends beyond mere economics; it’s about fostering a community and driving a new wave of decentralized finance. The stages of the presale, the care in allocation, and the dedicated roadmap speak volumes about the mission ahead.

The BTCX Token presale offers a chance to lock in $BTCX Token at the lowest possible price. But investors have to hurry since this presale is going fast.

Visit BTCX Token Presale


What is BTCX Token?

BTCX Token is a green deflationary cryptocurrency that aims to change the dynamics of bitcoins in the crypto world. BTCX Token is a hybrid of bitcoin’s traditional financial concepts with Ethereum blockchain technologies.

We are using Bitcoin’s advantages and offering next-generation functionality by merging hyper deflationary features with additional utilities such as staking and our own blockchain.

How do I buy BTCX Token crypto?

Investors can buy BTCX Token tokens now during the project’s presale. Investors must connect an ERC-20 compatible crypto wallet to the presale site, then swap $ETH or $USDT for $BTCX Token.

Is BTCX Token on exchanges?

$BTCX Token is currently available through the presale website only. The project plans to list on exchanges after the presale sells out.

Can BTCX Token 10x?

BTCX Token’s goal is to reach a $100 million market cap, which represents a 25x gain from the presale price. There’s no guarantee BTCX Token will reach this goal, but investors are very excited about the token and the presale looks set to sell out quickly.


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