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Can Polygon Compete With Bitcoin Spark’s New Bonus Offering?

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Professional crypto-savvy investors have identified that investing in crypto start-ups could yield more gains than investing in already successful projects. Existing crypto projects like Polygon can be great investment opportunities and thus required to maintain a stable crypto portfolio that yields positive gains in the long run. However, established digital currency platforms are usually characterized by overextended market capitalizations that impede the returns the project could offer newer investors. A crypto project with a smaller market cap easily moves compared to a larger market capitalization once a trajectory is set. This means it is easier for a newer crypto project like Bitcoin Spark to 100X than for an established project like Polygon to register the same movement and returns.

What is a Polygon (MATIC)?

Polygon is a popular Ethereum multi-level scaling solution that harnesses the power of many side chains to expedite transactions cheaper than its parent blockchain, Ethereum. The network scaling solution was initially called the Matic Network. Polygon was founded in 2017 by Indian developers with the ultimate goal of improving the overall infrastructure of Ethereum. By then, Ethereum ran on an old-generation consensus mechanism called proof of work, which borrowed from Bitcoin’s similar consensus. This consensus was faced with increased scalability concerns, making Polygon a necessity. However, Ethereum underwent a major hard fork upgrade in September 2022, transitioning from a proof of work to a proof-of-stake blockchain, solving major scalability issues. 

Will Polygon go up?

Polygon has a high likelihood of appreciating once the bull market begins. This is because the project has set a track record of scaling Ethereum since its inception in 2017. However, Polygon enthusiasts need to understand that the network depends on scalability limitations on Ethereum. If Ethereum developers discover a more scalable solution to upgrade Ethereum and rectify its faults, Polygon’s use case could be invalid.

Bitcoin Spark price prediction

Digital currencies are volatile assets that move unpredictably. It is next to impossible to call out an exact future occurrence in the market. However, analysts and experts have the knowledge and skills to make slightly more accurate predictions than retail, less experienced crypto enthusiasts. Recently, analysts predicted that Bitcoin Spark’s BTCS would reach the $700 mark in less than 12 months from the launch period. 

From a percentage perspective, this is more than 18,000% gains for any investment between now and the end of the ICO phase 10. While these returns seem a lot, the gains are relatively normal in the crypto industry. These returns are the real reasons the industry is gaining much traction among enterprising individuals.

One of the fascinating aspects of Bitcoin Spark is its decentralized mining infrastructure designed to favor all network participants regardless of the mining device used or the amount of GPU the miner has. Mining in Bitcoin Spark is different from mining Bitcoin. The process will be executed through an application connected to the platform’s Contract Wolf audited smart contract. This application will accommodate several functionalities, including a multi-layered wallet feature and an automated mining feature that verifies transactions and approves new blocks.

Bitcoin Spark’s new Bonus Event is Attracting Whales

Whales play a major role in creating liquidity and volatility. They can easily influence the price of newer projects with less market capitalization, like Bitcoin Spark. Bitcoin Spark is soon hosting a life-changing bonus event that will completely change the lives of those who participate. While the markets remain slightly lagged in volatility and price movement, BTCS is setting the stage for continuous opportunities, especially for those who wish they had known about the project before the ICO began. For those who missed the beginning stages of the platform’s ICO, this event is for you. Follow Bitcoin Spark’s socials for an update on when the bonus event will begin. 

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