Cardano partners with Georgia’s National Wine Agency to deploy traceability solution

Cardano partners with Georgia's National Wine Agency to deploy traceability solution
2 weeks ago
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The Cardano Foundation made the announcement on September 15 that it has formed a partnership with Georgia’s National Wine Agency.

In particular, the partnership alongside the Bolnisi Winemakers Association and Scantrust aims to expand Georgia’s wine industry by implementing a traceability solution based on Cardano (ADA) blockchain technology to ensure the authenticity and quality of Georgian wine.

In order to enhance Georgia’s standing as a premium wine producer on the global stage, the four partners will collaborate to devise a track-and-trace system that is both adaptable and open to the public.

Mel McCann, Vice President of Engineering, Cardano Foundation, said:

“The Cardano Foundation prides itself on technical integration initiatives that foster the development of solutions for companies and systems of all kinds. This collaboration will develop a creative, cost-effective, and flexible certification and traceability system, which will provide transparency and authenticity for wineries and customers from point of harvest to point of consumption.” 

Cardano Foundation to assist individual wineries

The Cardano Foundation will drive the relationship, which will assist individual wineries by establishing a cost-effective, shared, scalable platform for winemakers and enhancing consumer interaction. 

A prototype program servicing both local and export markets will be extended in the Bolnisi area. It will feature up to 100,000 bottles of wine harvested in the autumn of 2022 and bottled in the spring of 2023. The bottles will have a distinctive label with a one-of-a-kind and secure QR code that will enable customers to verify the authenticity of the items and learn more about their history. 

The National Wine Agency will also utilize the Cardano blockchain to establish public, verifiable records from current wine certification data on wine destined for export markets.

Notably, Finbold first reported last year the Cardano Foundation had rolled out its first supply chain traceability and anti-counterfeit solution in partnership with connected goods and products platform Scantrust and Baia’s Wine, a Georgian artisan wine producer.

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