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Chain of Alliance Beta Release Now Live

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Stockholm, Sweden, May 7th, 2024, Chainwire

Chain of Alliance Officially Launches its Beta Version today, marking its significant milestone with a refined gaming experience from Alpha 1.0

Chain of Alliance officially launches its Beta version today. The game marks a significant milestone towards enhancing and refining its gameplay experience. The launch of its Beta version is a complete transformation of how players interact within the game. Chain of Alliance’s team has meticulously reviewed feedback from the Alpha testers and has implemented a series of strategic upgrades to improve gameplay dynamics and enhance user experience. The following pivotal gameplay improvements can be found in its Beta Version:

Combat Modifications:

  • Grid Size Reduction: The battle grid is now a more compact 2×2 layout, intensifying the strategic placement of heroes.
  • Removal of Action Points (AP): This change offers uniform skill costs, increasing strategic flexibility and decision-making speed.
  • Health and Damage Adjustments: Starting health points and damage metrics have been refined to improve gameplay clarity.
  • Skills Rework: Skills are now divided into Weapon Skills and Class Skills, simplifying understanding and diversifying strategy on the battlefield.

Simpler Status Effects:

  • Status effects have been streamlined to Taunt, Mark, Block, and Bleed, enhancing gameplay clarity and strategic depth.

Removal of Magical Damage:

  • The game now features only Elemental (Fire, Ice, Poison, and Lightning) and Physical damage types to eliminate redundancy and enhance gameplay interactions.

Class Rework:

  • Classes have been distinctly redesigned to enhance their roles and effectiveness in battle, improving teamwork and strategic planning.

Users can discover the comprehensive Combat Rework in its entirety by clicking through to the full details here.

The Beta release of the game not only showcases the hard work and dedication of the development team but also highlights significant enhancements to the game’s visuals. Chain of Alliance introduces a new visual style, providing a captivating new look, updated sound effects to deliver immersive audio that enhances the gaming experience, and new animations to make the game feel more dynamic and engaging. 

Commenting on the release of its Beta version, Co-founders Simon Sorgenfrei & Dennis Kirsch said, “We’re very proud of what the team accomplished with the Beta release! Although we have so much more ambition, it all starts with making a good game first, that’s what we sought out, and feel we were able to create. We hope our fans will agree, and wish them a lot of fun in playing the Beta of Chain of Alliance!”

Additionally, the team has revamped it to improve usability, making it more intuitive and user-friendly. These improvements are as crucial as the gameplay enhancements as they reveal the game’s upgraded chapter. The Chain of Alliance team eagerly awaits players’ contributions to further refine the game.

Chain of Alliance is thrilled to invite all gamers, from the curious to the hardcore, to join them in testing, enjoying, and shaping the future of the game. Player engagement is crucial to the game’s continuous improvement to push the boundaries of strategic gameplay. 

Users can get first-hand news and a detailed roadmap here.





About Chain of Alliance 

Chain of Alliance is an innovative and immersive turn-based, party-builder RPG, designed to be a great game first, utilizing the advantages of Web3 to empower the players. Chain of Alliance offers an ever-expanding game world, driven by the choices and actions of the community, encouraging and rewarding user-generated content.


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