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Crypto Expert Thinks Ethereum ETF Could Push Arbitrum to New Highs, How Will This ERC-20 Token Go?

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As the Ethereum ETFs are expected to be approved in July, we ask experts what the ETH price could be in 2024. Many feel that the ETFs will bring gains to the entire Ethereum ecosystem, especially speedy layer 2 Arbitrum (ARB), and a new ERC-20 project in presale, that will allow ordinary traders to invest in all kinds of financial products, including ETFs.

Ethereum ETF approval could push ETH price to $4000 and beyond

All eyes are now on ETH as the Spot Ethereum ETFs await their anticipated approval date on the 4th of July. 

As we saw with the Bitcoin ETF, we might initially see selling pressure from non-Spot Ethereum ETFs like Grayscale. Grayscale has filed for an Ethereum Spot ETF so it will take some time before the outflows from the Grayscale Ethereum Trust catch up with the inflows from the Ethereum ETFs. Once this happens we should see the ETH price rise. It could easily trade above the $4000 level, with Coin Bureau predicting a short-term target ETH price of $4100.

Rachel Lin, CEO of SynFutures is much more bullish, predicting that the ETH Price could reach $15,000-$22,000 this cycle.

Bitcoin Spot ETFs attracted a lot of investment due to the narrative of it being ‘Digital Gold’. The narrative that Blackrock and other asset managers are pushing for Ethereum, is that of the official platform for RWAs (Real World Assets).

Larry Fink and other asset managers have long been bullish on the tokenization of RWAs on the blockchain. Recently, an EIP (Ethereum Improvement Protocol) created the ERC-3643 token. This is a modification of the ERC-20 standard which makes RWAs on Ethereum rock solid and is likely to have a huge effect on the ETH price once institutional investors can get involved through the Ethereum ETFs.

Arbitrum (ARB) will benefit from Ethereum’s success and RWA investments

A crypto expert from Coninglass has predicted that the Ethereum ETF approvals will be very bullish for Layer 2s built on Ethereum, such as Arbitrum (ARB).

Anshuman Roy, an Arbitrum (ARB) expert from Coinchapter, suggests that the Ethereum ETFs are likely to increase usage. In turn, this will increase chain congestion and gas fees. This means that speedier and cheaper Arbitrum (ARB) could benefit by experiencing an uptick in users.

The Arbitrum (ARB) DAO foundation are not sleeping on Real World Assets either, as a recent announcement revealed that they are investing $29 million worth Of Arbitrum (ARB) into RWAs. They also plan to invest a further 1% per year of the Arbitrum (ARB) treasury, into RWAs.

An uptick in the price of Arbitrum (ARB), following the slated approvals for RWAs on Ethereum, shows just how linked the two coins are.

Arbitrum (ARB) has been trading sideways over the last 24 hours.

A new decentralized trading platform for RWAs and more

We know that TradFi is bullish on RWAs. But how can ordinary investors benefit from that? One way is through a new ERC-20 token and project called DTX Exchange.

DTX Exchange, currently in presale, is offering a ‘hybrid model’ trading platform with over 120k financial instruments. One of the products they will offer is tokenized RWAs of precious metals such as gold.

As DTX Exchange is built on Ethereum, the platform is fully decentralized. This benefits users through no need for KYC, and the transparency that web3 projects provide via the immutability of the blockchain.

This stands in contrast to exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, and the now-fallen FTX, which were able to get away with shady business practices due to their centralized nature.

DTX exchange is currently in presale and will rise by 200% from the current price, before launching. Given the bullish nature of the project, low market cap, and timing of the presale, DTX is likely to rise substantially from there on.

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