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dchf DeFi Franc #
1.09 USD -0.04% 0.00
1.09 1.10
Circulating supply 0
Total supply 13.6M
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dchf Price

Current Price 1.09 USD
Price Change 24H 0.00 USD
Price Change 24H -0.04%
Price Change 7D -0.17%
Price Change 14D -0.09%
Price Change 30D -5.78%
Price Change 60D -4.93%
Price Change 1Y 0.00%
Market Cap Change 24H 0
Market Cap Change 24H 0.00%
Market Cap 0 USD
All time high (ATH) 1.22 USD
ATH Change -10.61%
ATH Date 2022, Dec 15

dchf Markets

Uniswap V3 (Ethereum)
Last price: 1.09 USD
Last price: 1.10 0XA0B86991C6218B36C1D19D4A2E9EB0CE3606EB48
Spread: 0.60%
24H Volume:
Uniswap V3 (Ethereum)
Last price: 1.10 USD
Last price: 1.00 0XB4272071ECADD69D933ADCD19CA99FE80664FC08
Spread: 0.61%
24H Volume:
19.7K USD
Curve (Ethereum)
Last price: 1.09 USD
Last price: 1.07 0X6C3F90F043A72FA612CBAC8115EE7E52BDE6E490
Spread: 0.00%
24H Volume:
101.8K USD

* Anomaly - Trading price is an outlier against the average

** Inactive - No trades in the last 3 hours

DeFi Franc

The Defi Franc (in short DCHF) is an overcollateralized stablecoin pegged to the value of one Swiss Franc.

The decentralized borrowing protocol allows drawing 0% interest loans against ETH, wBTC and interest bearing assets (LP Tokens) used as collateral. The protocol offers capital efficiency borrowing thanks to a minimum collateral ratio of 110%.

The DeFi Franc protocol is a friendly fork and further developed version of the Liquity protocol and their stablecoin LUSD. In comparison, the DCHF is pegged to the value of one Swiss Franc (CHF) instead of the USD, allows for more collateral types and is designed to support native leverage on cryptos and Yield Generating Assets.

At any time the DCHF can be redeemed against the underlying collateral at face value of one CHF.

Because the DCHF from the taken Loans are freshly minted, the DeFi Franc does not suffer from a rat’s tail like assets that went through coin-mixers. Therefore new DCHFs are fungible.