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Discover FatBoy – The Virtual Character that Revolutionizes P2E

Discover FatBoy - The Virtual Character that Revolutionizes P2E

Play-to-Earn has changed a lot since the first such games were launched. Back then, the games were intriguing, but they lacked advanced technologies, and while users did not feel the difference then, they expect to discover the use of advanced technologies these days. 

The good thing is that there are many blockchain-based games that provide advanced features available to all their players, and some of them are truly remarkable thanks to their dedication, user-friendly interface, and reward systems. 

One of them is FatBoy, a newly launched crypto game that aims to become the top virtual character game in 2024 and beyond. 

Thus, let’s discover FatBoy and the amazing features it has to offer. 

Keep FatBoy Happy, Make Him Fatty!

FatBoy is a new crypto game designed and developed by CleevioX and backed by multiple VCs. It comes with a bright game model and strong tokenomics, aiming to offer crypto enthusiasts a new and engaging activity that also rewards them with surprising amounts of tokens and other promising in-game items.

FatBoy is a virtual character that constantly requires your attention, encouraging you to take care of him as well as you can. The more you help him eat well, exercise regularly, bathe, and have a healthy sleep schedule, the more FATTY tokens you can earn. 

How to Play? 

When downloading the game, users have to choose their FatBoy. There are numerous characters available, including Fat Mask, Fatalik, Fatcz, Fatman, Fatanders, Fatman Terra, and more. Each FatBoy has a certain ranking, level, and various traits. They can be Rare, Epic, Common, or Ultra, and they can have various levels of luck. 

Such traits can help you in your gaming experience, so make sure to choose your FatBoy wisely and consider your goal in the FatBoy ecosystem. 

After you choose your FatBoy, it is time to check his needs and ensure you fulfill them. FatBoy does not need that many things. You will only have to pay attention to his levels of hunger, fun, hygiene, and energy. Keep them as high as possible, and your FatBoy will also be a happy boy. 

You can also purchase equipment from the in-game marketplace. Each item can help you improve your FatBoy’s life and can contribute to his evolution in the game. You can choose from various items, including food (burger, pancakes, sushi, salad), sports equipment (treadmill, dumbbells), hygiene and sleep-related items (soap, bed), and other accessories (TV, notebook). 

Afterward, don’t forget to get your FatBoy a pet he can share his happiness with. After all, is there something better than spending your free time with your cute and loving pet, be it a dog, a cat, or even a small monkey? 

About FATTY, Staking, and Presale Events

FATTY is the native token of the FatBoy ecosystem, allowing users to purchase various in-game assets and progress in the game as much as possible. The FATTY token is built on top of the Arbitrum blockchain and has an initial market cap of $991,000, with a total supply of 1,000,000,000 FATTY tokens.

The total supply will be divided as follows: 

  • 41% – Presale events; 
  • 7% – VC round;
  • 5% – The team of developers;
  • 12% – Liquidity;
  • 10% – Staking;
  • 10% – In-game rewards;
  • 1% – Beta Testing Rewards;
  • 11% – Marketing;
  • 2% – Advisors;
  • 1% – IDO round.

The presale events organized for FATTY are set to start soon, and users will have the opportunity to purchase FATTY tokens for surprising prices. The initial price will be $0.016, while the final price for the presale rounds will reach $0.030. Those interested will be able to use multiple payment methods, including ETH, ARB, USDC, USDT, BNB, and even Visa or Mastercard. 

After launching, FATTY will also be available for staking, thus offering users another great opportunity to earn more crypto while playing a fun game and discovering what their FatBoys can do and how they can progress in the game. 

At the moment, FatBoy is in its last beta development stage, and the team of developers is preparing to launch the presale event very soon. The game is set to have a public beta launch in Q3 2024, which will be available on iOS and Android devices. The full launch and token listing are also set to happen in the following months. In Q4 2024, FatBoy plans to launch mini-games and extensions, thus keeping users engaged all the way.

Learn More

To stay updated and discover more about FatBoy’s world, visit the official website and explore the project’s whitepaper. Join the community by following FatBoy’s activity on Discord, X (Twitter), Telegram, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Medium


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