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EigenLayer on Bitcoin, StakeLayer Announced The Pre-Sale Distribution

Press Releases

London, UK, April 4th, 2024, Chainwire

StakeLayer, a Pioneer in Bitcoin L2 Restaking solutions, has announced the pre-sale distribution of $STAKE, the native token powering their platform. This pre-sale marks a significant milestone in StakeLayer’s mission to unlock the potential of DeFi for Bitcoin users.

$STAKE serves as the backbone of the StakeLayer ecosystem, enabling a diverse range of DeFi activities on the Bitcoin network. 

The pre-sale offers an opportunity for early adopters to invest in $STAKE before it opens for public trading at the Token Generation Event scheduled for Q2 2024

Users can find more details about the Pre-sale here.

StakeLayer introduces a revolutionary EigenLayer for Bitcoin. This new Layer 2 solution introduces Restaking for Bitcoin holders, poised to transform user interaction with Bitcoin. 

The Path To the Future

Similar to the EigenLayer on Ethereum, StakeLayer utilizes a restaking mechanism for Bitcoin. This enables Bitcoin holders to potentially earn additional rewards on their holdings by participating in Proof-of-Stake activities on various applications built on Bitcoin’s Layer 2.

$STAKE Tokenomics presented below, 20% is allocated for the Presale distribution.

Potential Benefits of StakeLayer

  • Increased Capital Efficiency: StakeLayer allows Bitcoin holders to potentially earn additional rewards on their holdings, improving capital efficiency.
  • Enhanced Security: The restaking mechanism has the potential to contribute to the overall security of the Bitcoin ecosystem.
  • Innovation Opportunities: StakeLayer opens doors for developers to build new applications on Bitcoin’s L2 that leverage PoS functionalities.
  • Stakelayer is announcing new updates and is set to launch their platform soon, for more details users can visit StakeLayer’s telegram community

About Stakelayer

StakeLayer presents a novel approach to unlocking new functionalities for Bitcoin, introducing a revolutionary EigenLayer on Bitcoin. By introducing restaking on Bitcoin’s L2, it opens doors for increased capital efficiency, potential security benefits, and a wider range of applications built on the Bitcoin network.

While the project is still in its early stages, StakeLayer’s unique features hold promise for the future of Bitcoin and its integration with the evolving DeFi landscape.


Sam Viden
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