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Ericsson confirms China Telecom to accelerate its 5G roll-out

Ericsson confirms China Telecom to accelerate its 5G roll-out

Telecommunication firm Ericsson has completed the testing of a standalone 5G data call on a commercial network alongside China Telecom. In a statement, Ericsson noted that the milestone is the first in China and it will facilitate the rolling out of the 5G network.

According to the telco, the call was carried out on China Telecom’s commercial 2.1GHz 5G network in the city of Deyang. Notably, the Ericsson Spectrum Sharing service was active with 4G users using the frequency.

Head of Product Area Networks at Ericsson Per Narvinger, highlighted the importance of the achievement. According to Narvinger:

“This achievement shows how communications service providers can use the advantages of the fast and cost-efficient 5G coverage enabled by Ericsson Spectrum Sharing to deploy 5G Standalone. This will create business opportunities for our customers and deliver superior user experiences for 5G subscribers. This is a key milestone for bringing 5G to everyone.”

The statement added that the milestones now paves the way for China Telecom to accelerate its 5G roll-out. Ericsson noted it will accelerate cooperation with China Telecom to speed up the commercial deployment of SA 5G. 

The Ericsson Spectrum Sharing is among the latest ways of rolling out the 5G network. The spectrum deploys existing hardware, spectrum, and sites while enabling increases in mid/high band coverage. Through the platform,4G, 5G NSA NR, and 5G SA  networks work simultaneously across the FDD spectrum. The capability does not require a dedicated 5G spectrum. 

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