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Ericsson launches 5G in Spain in partnership with Orange


Erisson has launched 5G services in Spain in partnership with mobile services operator Orange. A statement from Ericsson notes that the technology will be available in the country’s two largest cities of Madrid and Barcelona.

The deployment of a 5G network in the two cities is the beginning of a four-year plan to have Spain covered with 5G. The Spain 5G technology will run on a 3.6GHz spectrum and powered by the Ericsson Radio System. 

Under the partnership, Ericsson will supply Orange with a 5G Evolved Packet Core to support 5G New Radio non-standalone (NSA). Also, it will provide a control plane, user plane, and policy network functions.

5G to spur growth and innovation

The deployment seeks to help customers enjoy new experiences under 5G technology like increased speed and lower latency. The technology has the potential of spurring innovation among businesses. 

Arun Bansal, President of Ericsson Europe and Latin America expressed his thoughts on launching the technology in Spain. 

“Our core and radio portfolios are instrumental in providing a sustainable platform for innovation and economic growth in Spain. Ericsson is thrilled to partner with Orange Spain to help them capture the opportunities that 5G and related technologies will bring to their subscribers and industries.”

Before partnering on the launch of 5G, Ericsson and Orange have been working together for close to 20 years after launching the first generation mobile technology.

Ericsson now has 108 commercial 5G agreements and contracts with leading communications service providers. Out of the agreements, only 58 are public.

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