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OVLH Overlay Shares Hedged Large Cap Equity ETF NYSE
25.06 USD -0.51% -0.13
OPEN 25.06
DAY RANGE 25.06 - 25.06
VOLUME 14000
52 WEEK RANGE 28.73 - 23.76
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Valuations metrics

Trailing pe 19.558378

ETF statistics

Avg 10 volume 5830
Avg 30 volume 7280

ETF price summary

Fifty two week low 23.76
Fifty two week high 28.734
Fifty two week change -11.831
Day 50 ma 25.52292
Day 200 ma 25.466825

Dividends and splits

Trailing annual dividend rate 0.197
Trailing annual dividend yield 0.0078608193417216

Overlay Shares Hedged Large Cap Equity ETF

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