Facebook acquires VR pioneer company Ready at Dawn Studios

Facebook acquires Ready At Dawn to enhance its VR operations
2 years ago
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The veteran game developer which is also a virtual reality (VR) technology pioneer in this field, Ready At Dawn, announced on June 22 that it will join Facebook. Experts believe that the future of top-quality content in VR is now brighter than ever.

Having provided titles to many platforms in the past, Ready At Dawn will also become a valuable addition to Facebook. The game developer has created four titles for the Oculus Platform, including Echo Combat, Echo Arena, Lone Echo, and Lone Echo II that is already in development.

Lone Echo set the bar for narrative VR experiences and re-wrote the playbook for virtual reality movement mechanics with the launch of Ready At Dawn’s popular ingenious continuous locomotion system and full-body IK (inverse kinematics).

The zero-g mechanic is used in the whole Echo Games franchise. It is functional and appealing to the VR beginners as well as the competitive VR esports. Facebook’s latest advancements in VR technology enables Ready At Dawn to easily explore and test a future of rich and interactive original VR content.

Ready At Dawn will continue creating immersive and innovative VR content for gamers independently but acting as part of the Oculus Studios team.

Ready At Dawn Operation

The tight-knit Ready At Dawn community cultivates passionately many engaging gaming communities. They announced that they will continue to create top-quality gaming experiences as independent developers operating from their Irvine, CA, and Portland, OR offices.

But, Facebook and the Oculus Studios team will offer them all the support that they might need. Currently, the studio is working on Lone Echo II but did not highlight any other future projects.

Reports indicate that the whole Ready At Dawn team will join the Oculus Studios team. The team stated that it is exploring many ways to accelerate VR on its platform. Also, it concluded by confirming that it has innovative plans for the next several years of gaming developments.

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