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Floki Launches Trading Bot on 3 Blockchains – Price Pump Incoming?

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The people’s meme coin, Floki (FLOKI,) launched the open beta of its trading bot on the three most popular EVM blockchains today. 

With experts rallying behind Floki’s bullish potential, the trading bot shows a lot of promise. It streamlines DEX trading through a Telegram app and lets users commit to trades in just a couple of taps.

Could Floki’s Trading Bot See a Surge in Price?

FLOKI has a massive circulating supply so its price per token is fairly low at just $0.00017210 per coin. However, the token possesses significant utility, and the team behind it has focused on improving it to exert deflationary pressure on the price.

The biggest step has been the public mainnet beta launch of Floki’s trading bot, aiming to revolutionize trading and simplify DEX usage through its simple user interface. Working through the Telegram app, the bot offers multi-chain trading on the Ethereum, BNB, and Base blockchains. 

Boosting utility is one of the best ways to increase a coin’s value. Experts like analysts as 99Bitcoins, Altcoin Daily, Oscar Ramos, and Jude Umeano, have all shared bullish sentiments toward Floki’s short-term potential to grow over 100% over the coming weeks.

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The news has spread like wildfire throughout the space. New traders will be especially delighted as they can use the Floki Trading Bot to take advantage of lower DEX fees, while not missing the well-designed UI of their favorite CEXs.

Floki has seen a notable rise of late. At the time of writing, the token is up over 560% in the last year. 

While it’s currently down 30% in the last month as the meme coin market continues to see volatile swings, overall sentiment regarding the token is widely positive as it continues to add utility to its ecosystem. 

The Floki trading bot comes with a buy and burn mechanism. It charges a 1% fee per trade; 50% of this is used to buy and burn $FLOKI, accelerating the token’s deflation. 

However, it also eats into the trader’s profits, unlike certain competing bots.

Another notable meme coin trading bot project by the name of WienerAI has also been making waves of late, having raised $6.5m through its ongoing presale campaign.

Could WienerAI Outperform Floki?

Floki is using the open beta model to quickly gather and implement feedback to catch up to competitors further ahead of the curve. Wienerdog(WAI) is one of these, packaging its intuitive, easy-to-use trading bot with AI features.

The two are similar in that they’re both tokens with a dog mascot offering significant utility. Floki has to apply significant deflationary pressure to get its per-token price up to a reasonable level. 

Meanwhile, Wienerdog has already raised $6.5 milion in its presale, and multiple analysts have stated that they’re bullish on the project, which offers additional benefits such as staking that’s available during the presale.

While Floki’s 1% trading fee might seem low, a successful trader usually makes 1-4% profit per month. This means Floki is taking 25-100% of successful traders’ profits. Wienerdog has no trading fees, letting you keep all of the profit you earn.

On top of this, WienerAI offers predictive technology that lets traders use AI to scour the market for hidden gems. The bot also provides market analysis for traders and lets them seamlessly swap, MEV-free, between different DEXs.

Overall, while Floki’s trading bot is going to add significant utility to the token and boost its price. However, traders who aren’t tied to the Floki ecosystem are better off looking at alternatives like WienerAI.

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