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Get Ready for SpaceCatch: Token Listing, Airdrop, and Beta Launch!

Get Ready for SpaceCatch: Token Listing, Airdrop, and Beta Launch!
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SpaceCatch, the leading crypto and blockchain game, is thrilled to announce its partnership with key CEXs on the market for its $CATCH token listing, marking a significant milestone within its ecosystem development.

Moreover, catchers can now pre-register for the beta game version of the mobile game, which will be incentivized and will soon be officially launched.

$CATCH Token Lands on Top CEXs!

The $CATCH token listing on major Centralized Exchanges marks a new milestone within the ecosystem development as SpaceCatch worked extensively to offer a deflationary tokenomics that favors active players.

Such great news comes after closing three presales rounds, which gathered a total of $3.37 million, and as a result, the time has come for the official $CATCH token listing, which starts in March.

All presales witnessed incredible support from its vibrant community:

  • The first presale round ended with a remarkable $600,000 investment;
  • 2nd round presale raised $1.6 million;
  • 3rd round lasted only less than 42 hours and saw a staggering $1.17 million in investment;

Pairing such incredible results with a product-first approach, in which the game is fully developed, and the deflationary token economy brings multiple rewarding benefits to all its players. 

First of all, SpaceCatch imposes a five-year staking strategy, thus increasing the value of the $CATCH token and making it more rewarding for all its adopters.

Then, the open-in-game principle adds multiple benefits for the in-game assets, which can be owned, sold, and traded to offer real-world value.

SpaceCatch Airdrop Season is Coming Soon!

As the first airdrop season successfully ended, a total of 17,000 accounts participated. SpaceCatch is now preparing for another rewarding airdrop season for its eager community.

For the first season, the rewarding mechanism implied two major strategies:

  1. Either converting your hard-earned XP into $CATCH tokens;
  2. Getting rewarded for completing specific tasks;

However, regardless of the chosen method, both strategies can be cumulated, allowing active players and dedicated members to enjoy even higher rewards.

It is safe to say that at this moment, SpaceCatch puts its players above revenue, working hard to develop, maintain, and complete its ecosystem, rewarding its persevering players.

SpaceCatch Blasts Off with Beta Launch!

After a year and a half of dedicated development, the SpaceCatch team is thrilled to announce the official launch of their mobile game’s beta version.

This exciting launch coincides with the listing of their token, marking a significant milestone. But true to form, SpaceCatch goes above and beyond expectations.

Responding to the crypto community’s desire for an engaging game with a seamless narrative, SpaceCatch delivers a unique experience powered by cutting-edge technologies. 

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence are all entangled with Web3 principles and rewarding Play-to-Earn and Move-to-Earn mechanics.

For anyone ready to save Earth from an alien invasion, pre-register for the public beta and join the adventure!

About SpaceCatch

SpaceCatch is a captivating experience powered by cutting-edge technology and engaging gameplay. This blockchain-based title focuses on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, creating an immersive universe where you become a Catcher, Earth’s last hope against an alien invasion.

Within this intriguing narrative, diverse alien forces pose a formidable challenge, but fear not! Catchers can enhance their abilities to face this threat head-on.

SpaceCatch utilizes two models: Play-to-Earn and Move-to-Earn. Both incentivize you to delve into the game’s complexities, but the M2E model takes things further. It seamlessly blends the virtual world with your real-life surroundings through AR, immersing you in the fight for Earth.

$Catch the Latest News

For more details about SpaceCatch’s official token listing on CEXs, visit its official website and stay connected on Telegram, Discord, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Threads, Medium, and CoinMarketCap


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