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How to buy Apple stock with Revolut? 7 Easy Steps

How to buy Apple stock with Revolut? 7 Easy Steps

About Apple, Inc.

Apple Inc. (stock market ticker: AAPL on NASDAQ) the now-iconic tech brand’s big stock run took place in the early 2000s as it picked up momentum in the midst of the Web 2.0 corporate colonization/takeover of the Internet, carving out its market niche for cool e-gadgets with slick designs and other various assorted hipster class artifacts. The value of Apple’s stock has since multiplied 130-fold (in the interval from 2002 to 2019).

That said, Apple stock seems to have also outperformed the S&P 500 index for most of 2019. However, the focus has also slightly shifted from the various kinds of Foxconn assembled iGadgets, diversifying more into the provision of dedicated services like its Apple Music, the iCloud storage, Apple TV+ streaming service (something like Netflix, Disney+, etc).

Despite a good start at the beginning of 2020, the road ahead may well suddenly turn a little bumpier as the lurking risks of trade wars with China persist (and on whose factories, supply chains and markets Apple depends on a whole lot). Additionally, much of the world seems to be sliding into an emergency state of exception in response to the global coronavirus pandemic.

Nonetheless, should things go down south for Apple at some point, it is often exactly such pullbacks that present themselves as opportunistic entry points for buying in.

Buying Apple stock (AAPL) with Revolut

Revolut provides an easy means to access US stock markets and acquire exposure to trading company stocks and shares on some of the leading technology industry leaders — all just a few simple steps away.

The Revolut banking app has been previously reviewed at Finbold already and a guide on how to open an account at Revolut (as well as get a free prepaid card) has also been covered. Among other things, Revolut offers commission-free stock trading.

To start trading stocks with Revolut, you will be asked to confirm the trading agreement documents that Revolut will ask you the first time you try buying stock.

INFO: To purchase stock in Revolut, you will need to top up your investment account first. You can do this through your associated bank account you’ve linked to Revolut, in either one of the major currencies of your choosing. Revolut automatically converts between them based on the current market spot price.

The app’s user interface is as straightforwardly simple as it possibly could, so one just needs to go through the process described in the steps below:

  • Step 1 – Open the Revolut app and go to “Dashboard”.
  • Step 2 – From there go to “Trading” and tap “Show more”.
  • Step 3 – After confirmation of the agreement documents Revolut requires the first time you go about buying stock, continue with tapping on “Invest”.
Guide on how to buy Apple stock (AAPL) with Revolut. Steps 1 to 3.
  • Step 4 – Go to the “Search” field and type “Apple” or “AAPL”, choosing the Apple stock as it shows up in the list.
  • Step 5 – Then proceed with “Buy”.
  • Step 6 – Enter the amount you want to invest in buying Apple stock.
Guide on how to buy Apple stock with Revolut. Steps 4 to 6. Keep in mind that it is said the default supported Revolut charts are not perfectly reliable and if using those as orientation, it may be wise to also compare with those elsewhere (e.g.,

INFO: Please note, you can buy any stock for as little as $1. If you will buy a dividend stock – you will only be eligible to get dividends to your Revolut investment account only if you will own at least 1 full share or more. Read more about fractional stock trading here.

  • Step 7 – Confirm your order by tapping the “Buy now” button.
  • Final step – Congratulations, your order has been executed – click “Done” to finalize.
  • Order review – Now you’ll get a receipt-like review of your purchased order and will be able to track the performance and price movement of your stock and the returns of your investment.
Guide on how to buy Apple (AAPL) stock with Revolut. Step 7, final step and order review. Once you confirm the purchase, the order will execute and your account will be loaded with the amount of stock purchased soon afterward.

Before you buy

With Revolut you can trade over 800 US and S&P 500 stocks — from Amazon and Apple to Netflix, Nike, Peloton and PepsiCo to even Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic Holdings (SPCE) among many more.

INFO: Standard account has 3 commission-free trades per month. If you do more than three trades per month – you should opt for the paid Premium plan account, which increases your free trades to 8 per month. Or the Metal plan, which includes all features, a metal card and unlimited commission-free trading.

Here are the commission fees per trade in different currencies, once you exhaust your monthly free trades:

Revolut trading fees after you exhaust your monthly free trades.

Before you go: Already operating or plan to open a business or start freelancing? Consider opening a business account with Revolut. The company offers a wide range of benefits when onboarding your business with “Revolut for Business“. Read our honest review about the features and other essential information by pressing the button below.

Please note: Trading carries risk. Make sure you do your research (DYOR) before investing your funds into any financial asset. is not responsible for any of the profits or losses you might experience. The article is for information purposes only. is not a financial advisor.

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