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The Four Best Platforms for Building Telegram Mini Apps (TMAs)

The Four Best Platforms for Building Telegram Mini Apps (TMAs)
Paul L.

Conversations about what needs to happen for Web3 to onboard the next billion users constitute a near-constant buzz in crypto circles. Indeed, these discussions have been going on since the publication of the Bitcoin whitepaper 15 years ago.

The recent emergence of Telegram Mini Apps (TMAs) – blockchain-based web apps that run inside the eponymous messaging platform – have breathed fresh life into the debate. TMAs effectively smuggle decentralized tech into the Telegram trojan horse, paving the way for the latter’s enormous 800 million plus user base to interact with wallets, tokens, and dApps.

TMAs are already catapulting unsuspecting internet users into a world in which terms like ‘seed phrase’ and ‘smart contract’ are commonplace. As blockchain-powered messaging experiences mature, several platforms are staking a claim as go-to launchpads for the development of TMAs. Here are four of the best.

The Open Network (TON)

We actually have The Open Network to thank for the emergence of TMAs, which came about as a result of a strategic alliance it struck with Telegram. Optimized for speed and scalability, TON’s developer-friendly architecture combines near-instant transaction processing with a tech stack leveraging familiar languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 

With a large active user base already deploying concepts like crypto wallets (DPXWallet) and hotel booking services (Telebook), the network provides a comprehensive ecosystem for pioneering TMAs. What’s more, it empowers development with a range of UI kits, libraries, and integration templates to help streamline the app-creation process.

Vara Network

A Substrate-based Layer1 blockchain powered by the Gear Protocol and designed to streamline dApp deployment, Vara Network recently outlined its vision for how devs could use its platform to spin up gaming-focused Telegram Mini Apps.

“Gear programs can be designed to interact with various technologies, including Mini Telegram applications,” the post read, before going on to describe how Vara and TMAs could work together. For example, picture TMAs could “retrieve program data in real-time or trigger actions within them”, while mini apps with real-time updates based on data from Vara could keep users informed without them having to leave Telegram.

The post concluded by encouraging devs to leverage its Gear Academy resources and Telegram documentation to create their own Vara-powered TMAs.


The ChewySwap crypto exchange is taking a UX-first approach to driving mainstream blockchain adoption through TMAs. The platform recently announced that it had undertaken testing for a strategy focused on easy wallet creation via Telegram, with simplified email/phone number sign-up.

The in-app wallet idea is intended to be compatible with Shibarium, the L2 network for Shiba Inu upon which ChewySwap is built, as well as other EVM-compatible chains. Potentially, the wallet could be enjoyed by users interacting with play-to-earn (P2E) games within Telegram itself, as well as all manner of dApps.


Last month Bondex, a Web3 careers platform that enables users to expand and monetize their professional network, received a grant to build a bounty-based job portal integrated within a Telegram Mini App.

Powered by The Open Network and expected to launch in Q3, this jobs portal will enable users to identify promising opportunities, refer quality candidates, and earn rewards paid directly to linked wallets – all within Telegram.

“We hope that by integrating the TON blockchain, we can build a platform where more recruiters and candidates can enjoy seamless job-search and talent-search synergy,” said Bondex CEO Ignacio Palomera.


Although they are still a relatively recent innovation, Telegram Mini Apps stand a good chance of bringing decentralized tech into the mainstream. From pioneering projects experimenting with novel gaming mechanics to companies simplifying Web3 recruitment, exciting new pathways are opening up all the time.

As developers continue iterating on these powerful cross-over experiences, expect TMAs to roll off the production line at an advanced clip. 

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