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Hoppy & PeiPei Pump Over 100% in a Week – Is Pepe Unchained the Next Frog Meme Coin To Explode?

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Meme coins are having another rally, over the past week, two Pepe-inspired coins Hoppy and PeiPei have risen over 100%. Outpacing the likes of Notcoin and Book of Meme, it seems like classic meme coin themes still have their value.

Crashing into the Pepe-inspired meme coin space, Pepe Unchained is threatening to blow past these two when its presale ends.

PeiPei Shows Copycat Coins Can Still Make Big Gains

Despite a little dip in price, PeiPei has grown by almost 170% in the last week. The coin merges the iconic Pepe image with Eastern culture, forming its unique flair.

Currently trading at  $0.00000062261 per token, PeiPei has cracked the No.3 spot on CoinMarketCap’s trending coins, briefly even reaching the number 1 spot with over $140 million spot trading volume.

Part of this growth can be explained through PeiPei’s partnership with UFC fighter Gilbert Burns. This brought attention to the coin, and its Asian pop culture appeal, zero-tax nature, and thriving X(Twitter) community got investors aboard. 

On top of this, PeiPei has only recently become active on Twitter again, after pausing activity in February, the token’s presence came back strong in June.

Despite this success, PEIPEI is only available on a few exchanges. This means we could see it make even larger gains if it can get listed on more major exchanges.

How Hoppy Hopped To A 500% Monthly Gain

Hoppy, another Pepe-inspired meme coin has grown over 100% over the last week, with 20% of that coming from today’s gains. Hoppy is inspired by Pepe’s precursor, hailing from an old Matt Furie comic.

While its memetic appeal is a major part of Hoppy’s growth, another is its simple yet effective approach to tokenomics. Zero taxes, liquidity pool token burning, and lessened contract ownership have all raised bullish sentiments toward the coin.

Trading at $0.0001315, Hoppy has a rapidly growing market cap of $55 million, and a soaring spot trading volume of $17 million. Today, Hoppy is listed on CoinW, a reputable exchange with a massive presence in Asia, Hoppy could be on its way to growing even more.

Built on top of the ETH blockchain, Hoppy is a layer 2 solution providing faster speeds on the back of ZK-Rollups. Part of the growing ZKsync network, Hoppy’s price may be further affected by ZKsync’s announcement of the Elastic chain, a math-secured, ever-expanding network of ZK rollups.

With today being such a massive day for Hoppy, we might be far away from its growth peak, and breaking its all-time high of $0.0001595 seems more likely by the day.

Pepe Unchained Could Also See Massive Gains as Novel Layer 2 Meme Coin Raises £2M

Another Pepe-inspired meme coin, Pepe Unchained is making waves in its presale, aiming to revolutionize the meme coin space. ETH meme coins like Pei Pei have always struggled with transaction fees and speeds, and PEPU presents the solution.

This layer 2 blockchain project provides a meme coin development environment built upon ETH, but 100x faster than contemporary infrastructure. On top of this, it minimizes transaction fees, with instant bridging between ETH and Pepe Chain. Despite Hoppy’s head start, it seems like Pepe Unchained simply offers superior technology.

PEPU is currently selling for $0.0819, with almost $2 million raised in its presale, showing massive interest from the community. With a massive 1002% estimated P/A and a growing community, it’s unlikely PEPU will go under its presale price.

Traders have been early to highlight Pepe Unchained’s huge potential, with the popular 99Bitcoins YouTube channel commenting that the token could be poised to see big gains over the coming weeks and months. 

Combining memetic appeal with much-needed utility and infrastructure improvements, Pepe Unchained could well be poised to be the next big meme coin in 2024.

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