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Inflation is becoming a greater risk, says Wheaton Precious Metals CEO

Inflation in becoming a greater risk, says Wheaton Precious Metals CEO

Randy Smallwood, the CEO of precious metals streaming company Wheaton Precious Metals, has said that inflation is becoming a greater risk and is now playing an essential role in the acquisition of commodities. 

Speaking to Kitco News, Smallwood suggested that the situation has impacted the rate of accumulation of precious metals by various companies. According to the executive, inflation has driven the price of commodities higher which is reflected in the prices of metals like copper that are enjoying the high prices. 

“Those are the core materials that we build all of our products from. And so there’s no doubt that inflation is becoming a greater and greater risk as we go forward. And it’s going to play into it. I will say that right now because the commodity prices have climbed substantially,” said Smallwood. 

He noted that the inflation situation is creating extra capital margins afforded to higher commodity prices. Consequently, Smallwoods suggests that the inflation situation gives mining industry players room to make capital decisions for the future but in a confident manner. 

Smallwood added that there would be a higher degree of cost risk in terms of delivering once the decisions have been explored. He stated that the mining industry would likely experience an organic upside with growth and expansion potential amid the potential risks. 

Recovering from the pandemic

Furthermore, Smallwood said that the mining industry is also recovering from the coronavirus pandemic that has affected various jurisdictions in varied ways. He singled out underground operations as the most hit by the health crisis that resulted in low productivity. 

According to Smallwood, the health crisis has hit risk management protocols the hardest, considering productivity is the most impacted. 

For widescale recovery, Smallwood recommends a need for increased support of communities in areas where mining companies operate. He singled out south America and Africa. 


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