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Introducing ApeMax, a new token with staking rewards that could outperform ETH staking returns.

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Recently, there has been a significant increase in the popularity of high APR cryptocurrency coins that can be used for staking. Investment in crypto coins is not for everyone, nonetheless, many savvy investors manage to benefit both from price appreciation and high APY staking returns.

Many analysts and specialists in the field believe that coins with utility and staking, such as Ethereum (ETH), are well positioned and may net high yields in the next bull run compared to Bitcoin (BTC) and Dogecoin (DOGE).

Today, we will be announcing the latest news about ApeMax and explain in detail this promising new coin with cutting edge staking tokenomics. This article will use expert opinions and market data to analyze ApeMax, a new trending cryptocurrency.

What is Ethereum (ETH) staking?

Ethereum staking refers to the process of participating in Ethereum’s Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism by locking up ETH to secure the network, validate transactions, and earn rewards.

Validators in a Proof-of-Stake (POS) system are selected based on the amount of cryptocurrency they hold and are willing to stake as collateral. By staking ETH, individuals or entities actively contribute to the network’s security and consensus process.

What is ApeMax coin?

ApeMax coin distinguishes itself thanks to its innovative staking tokenomics referred to as Boost-to-Earn. ApeMax coin holders can stake their tokens by boosting one or more staking entities, which include famous creators, celebrities, Web3 projects, charities, and crypto protocols.

This innovative form of upvoting not only benefits the stakeholders but also provides rewards to the entities being staked. As a result, ApeMax introduces a fresh way to engage and reward the Web3 community, potentially transforming the way people interact on the internet.

In a crypto market saturated with meme coins with little to no utility, ApeMax shines as a new potential moonshot coin worth exploring, and has been listed as one of the best new coins to watch today.

5 reasons to buy ApeMax Coin:

  1. Instant coin self-custody: ApeMax coins are immediately available when purchased.
  2. Immediate staking: ApeMax coins holders can begin their staking journey right after buying their first coins, and start earning rewards in turn.
  3. Low gas costs: ApeMax has been optimized to have low gas minting and staking costs and is now on the Binance Smart Chain.
  4. A Disruptive Business Model: With ApeMax, you could be part of a new revolutionary Web3 community where content consumers directly support creators, and even earn at the same time.
  5. No minimum staking lock up time.

Here are some key points about ETH staking:

  1. Security and Consensus: ETH staking plays a crucial role in securing the Ethereum network. Validators are responsible for proposing and validating new blocks.
  2. Validators: Validators are network participants who lock up a certain amount of ETH as a security deposit. Validators are chosen to create new blocks and validate transactions based on various factors
  3. Locking up ETH: When you decide to stake ETH, you lock it up in a specified wallet or smart contract, often referred to as a “staking contract.” The staked ETH remains locked for a predetermined period, during which it cannot be freely transferred or used.
  4. Earning Rewards: As a validator, you have the opportunity to earn rewards for your participation in the network. The rewards typically come from transaction fees and newly minted ETH.
  5. Penalties and Slashing: Validators are expected to follow the network’s rules and behave honestly. If a validator acts maliciously or violates the consensus protocol, they can face penalties or have a portion of their staked ETH slashed.
  6. Withdrawal and Exit: Staked ETH is generally subject to a lockup period, during which it cannot be freely accessed or transferred.

According to data from Coinbase the current estimated reward rate for ETH staking is 6%.

ApeMax coin: Staking frenzy

Since staking opened on May 27th, ApeMax has seen a staking rush from ApeMax holders who want to boost their favorite Web3 entities and earn early stakings rewards. Over 15% of all ApeMax coins sold at presale have already been staked in just the first staking day.

How to buy ApeMax?

ApeMax is easy to buy on and payments in ETH, USDT, USDC, Polygon/Matic, BNB, and BUSD are accepted.

How to stake ApeMax coins?

Select from a hundred creators (more to be added in the future), and stake ApeMax coins to receive more ApeMax coins. You need to have enough BNB to pay fees and the gas.

A large portion of ApeMax coin supply is reserved as staking rewards. Furthermore, early stakers of ApeMax coins have the potential to receive higher rewards, as the ApeMax tokenomics prioritizes early birds.

Is ApeMax audited?

The ApeMax contract has been audited by Saulidity, and the ApeMax team has also been verified with a Saulidity KYC.

ApeMax coin: Early bird advantage

During the presale the presale price of ApeMax coins goes up every 24 hours. This price appreciation grants significant benefits to early birds who get in on the action early.

Moreover, early adopters of ApeMax have an added advantage through the opportunity to purchase Early Birds Loot Boxes, which grant discounts of up to 50% on their token purchases.

ApeMax and Ethereum Staking – Conclusion

As crypto buyers become savvier and more well informed, they are gradually shifting more and more of their focus to coins that allow them to stake and earn, such as Ethereum and ApeMax.

Although buying and staking crypto is not suitable for everyone, for those who can assess and weigh the rewards and risks, there are several attractive coin staking options in the market today. In any case, diligent research and careful independent consideration is advised prior to buying crypto.

For those interested in a new crypto coin with cutting edge tokenomics and exciting staking reward possibilities, ApeMax is an interesting coin worth paying close attention to.

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