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Is Bitgert the Next Big Thing? 80% Surge Triggers Predictions of a 20,000% Price Rally!

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If there is one coin that has been on the top performer’s list in cryptocurrency for the past month, then it has to be Bitgert (BRISE).

Especially with the bull market on the sirens, all crypto investors are really excited for this bull phase after the bloodshed of 2022.

The 2022 bear market weeded the bad-performing projects out of the system, leaving us with a stabler and better set of options to invest. One of them is Bitgert.

The proof of that lies in its listing on the European markets that made it see a 80% surge in price in just about a month!

About Bitgert

Bitgert was launched in 2021 as BitRise on the BRC20 blockchain. Later, it rebranded to Bitgert and is now a full-fledged POA (Proof of Authority) blockchain.

The few USPs it holds are:

  • 2nd fastest crypto with a speed of 100,000 TPS
  • Successfully transacted over 25 million transactions
  • Has a community of 1 million followers across multiple channels. The biggest channels are Twitter (X) and Discord.
  • It has partnered with industry heavyweights like Script Network, Forward and Omnichain.

Bitgert’s ongoing price action

Ever since December, Bitgert has seen a Bullish trend. This trend has further extended to a strong bullish zone after its listing in the European market.

BRISE’s RSI points towards the investor’s positive sentiment for it. In fact, this surge is a part of the bigger picture as well. Just another jump to ATH will most likely trigger a huge rally for almost all the altcoins. 

Experts have also predicted that Bitgert should soon see a price surge of over 200x its current price, that is, a 20000% increase to cross the $0.0001 price mark.

If Bitgert were to fulfil this prediction, then the returns would be unimaginable. So, if you invest around $100 in BRISE at a price of $0.0000023 today, then you will get 434,782,608 coins. With an investment of just 100$, if the price reaches $0.0001, then your returns would amount to over $4,300,000!!

That’s why it is said that Bitgert has huge potential, especially because it is a Layer-1 coin.

But investing in cryptocurrency is always risky and comes with its own sets of risks. You should not ignore the fact that it is still a majorly unregulated market and has a lot of security risks. So, always be careful when you invest in crypto.

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