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K-pop girl group tripleS lets fans vote on new album’s lead song via blockchain

K-pop girl group tripleS lets fans vote on new album's lead song via blockchain

The debut album “ASSEMBLE” by 24-member K-pop girl group tripleS was released on February 13 and has already received a lot of attention as the group used blockchain technology to let fans control various parts of the creative experience.

The community of fans decided to make two subunits of tripleS and also choose the lead single for the album ASSEMBLE, using their own Polygon-based voting process, according to a press release shared with Finbold on February 14.

In particular, each album has a rotating roster of female artists, and fans utilize a blockchain-based voting system called “Gravity” to choose and establish these subgroups. Using COMO (voting tokens), a special currency obtained through obtaining ‘Objekts,’ fans helped choose the album’s title song via voting on Modhaus’ “COSMO: the Origin” mobile app.

Fans were asked to vote for their favorite song from December 1-8, 2022 using Modhaus, a Web3 project which aims to promote Korean pop culture via blockchain technology. Song B triumphed in the final round and was selected as the album’s title song (the “ASSEMBLE”). It is estimated that 57,340 COMO were utilized throughout the voting process.

CEO of Modhaus Jaden Jeong stated: 

​​“I’m very confident about the album ASSEMBLE, especially because its title track was solely decided by the fans. This is an unprecedented case of letting the fans listen and decide on the album’s main song. tripleS and ASSEMBLE will prove that a fan-centered system is the future of entertainment.”

Decentralized K-pop group

tripleS want to break new ground by becoming the world’s first decentralized K-pop group. Since the fans will have a voice in determining the sub-units and the content using non-fungible tokens (NFT) picture cards dubbed ‘Objekts,’ the members will take turns participating in group, sub-unit, and solo activities.

By positioning users at the heart of the Modhaus experience, the brand can bring fans and artists closer together. Through NFT-powered governance mechanisms, Modhaus hopes to include fans in all aspects of production.

Watch the video: ‘Rising’ from tripleS’ new album

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