Leading forex expert: Bitcoin is a ‘superior store of value to gold’

Leading forex expert: Bitcoin is a 'superior store of value to gold'
10 months ago
2 mins read

Boris Schlossberg, a leading forex expert with more than 20 years of financial market experience, has projected a more bullish future for Bitcoin based on the asset’s current valuations metrics, such as its status as a superior store of value. 

In an article published by Investment.com, Schlossberg noted that Bitcoin’s current valuation metric of a store of value and universal adoption means the asset has attained its fundamental value. Therefore, given these valuations metrics, Bitcoin will likely appreciate in value. 

He further pointed out that Bitcoin cannot be valued based on traditional metrics since the asset does not generate income streams, a factor that makes it impossible to value the digital currency based on discounted cash flow.

Schlossberg added that the number one ranked cryptocurrency is now a superior form of gold because it offers holders the freedom to manage their holdings. 

Bitcoin and gold comparisons

Interestingly, he acknowledged that both Bitcoin and gold have similarities because they have no intrinsic value and generate no cash flow. 

However, he stressed that Bitcoin has the upper hand over gold due to its portability. 

“The portability advantage of Bitcoin is so immense that it may ultimately replace gold completely as a store of value. Although, just like fiat, Bitcoin is a digital rather than a physical asset, unlike fiat, Bitcoin’s supply is constrained. Conceptually, Bitcoin is, in fact, a superior store of value to gold because its supply can never be expanded,” said Schlossberg. 

He also cited the decentralized nature of Bitcoin as a critical aspect of the asset’s store of value status. Schlossberg compared Bitcoin to offshore banking assets like cash and bonds that holders ‘hide’ from government control and taxation.

The expert stated that the offshore market has a valuation of about $35 trillion, and if a section of the funds is allocated to Bitcoin, the asset’s value can triple. According to Schlossberg, Bitcoin still has many fundamental upsides that can be a catalyst for price surges. 

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