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Meet Firmseed: The DeFi disruptors breaking down the walls between real estate and blockchain

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One of Defi’s most attractive properties is its potential to level the playing field for investors, and there’s no field more uneven than the real estate sector.  Enter Firmseed, an innovative defi platform with its sights laser-focused on disrupting the entire real estate market. In simple terms, Firmseed plans to offer fraction ownership in both commercial and residential property markets underpinned by the immutable power of blockchain technology.

I saw an opportunity to use blockchain technology to create a platform that would allow people to invest in fractional ownership of real estate, providing them with the benefits of property ownership without the high costs.” Emeka Uzoewulu, Firmseed Founder and CEO.

What’s the big idea?

The high prices associated with property investment have long kept lower-income investors out of this lucrative field and off the property ladder in general. With Firmseed, investors can grab a piece of the action with a stake as low as $10 and grow their investments over time. Interested parties can choose between being simple token holders and owning a chunk of Firmseed’s property portfolio.

Ownership rewards, like rental income or increased property value, will be shared by Firmseed’s fractional investors, whereas token holders can simply choose to invest for a fixed term depending on their expected level of return. Therefore, there’s potential for both investors to see real returns, and returns look rosy indeed. Core to Firmseed’s initial plan is leveraging seed funding and coin sales to purchase, renovate, and resell the property.

House flipping, as it’s known in the trade, is an age-old tradition in the financial world and old of the simplest methods to grow capital. In layman’s terms, Firmseed will use the liquid funds of its investors to get the best deals on available properties before flipping and reinvesting the proceeds back into the ecosystem. Naturally, there are endless other opportunities for solid returns on investment in the property market from rental fees to the steady rise of property values in general.

FIRMing it all up!

The platform itself is powered by a new utility token called FIRM. The FIRM token is Firmseed’s currency and will underpin transactions and investments in the system. In addition, coin holders will also be able to earn traditional crypto rewards and tokens by participating in the community and staking tokens. Plus, there are also plans to offer yield farming opportunities, or auto-compounding, as Firmseed’s white paper describes it.

The security of Firmseed’s platform is backed by the transparent and immutable nature of proven blockchain technology and its public ledger. In addition, as mentioned above, despite the tangible opportunity to gain rewards from an extensive property portfolio, FIRM token holders are not directly liable for those investments.

The road less travelled

To date Firmseed’s founder Emeka Uzoewulu has turned his 2020 concept into an exciting startup, with a dedicated, talented team and a solid business model. The project already has a robust whitepaper and the team has drafted an impressive set of tokenomics. Firmseed’s marketing is also well underway, and they recently announced a partnership with leading Defi Marketing specialists Lunar Strategy.

Thanks to their joint efforts, the project is already lifting eyebrows across the crypto sector with recent pieces in the likes of Blockster, as well as mentions on A-list finance staples like Blomberg, Yahoo Finance, and Coin Telegraph.

Next on the agenda is a round of seed funding with the FIRM token launch following not far behind. Indeed, interested parties may like to know that Firmseed’s Whitelist is already open and growing daily. In terms of property acquisition itself, well, that’s planned to take place shortly after the FIRM token launch, but you can bet the team already has a shortlist.

Later down the road, the project aims to turn an eye toward the under-subscribed markets like Africa, which thanks to the Firmseed founder’s personal experience the platform hopes to invest heavily in this blossoming part of the property sector.

Home run

So, if Firmseed’s unique take on the property market floats your houseboat, the presale is imminent. You can find out more about Firmseed, the FIRM token, and the project in general by following the links below.

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