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Microsoft acquires CyberX to hasten customers’ IoT deployments

Microsoft acquires CyberX to enhance its IoT services

On June 22, Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) confirmed that it has acquired US-based cybersecurity company CyberX to enable it to accelerate and secure customer’s Internet of Things (IoT) deployments. CyberX will complement the already functional Azure IoT security capabilities.

It will extend to other existing devices like those used in Operational Technology, industrial IoT, and infrastructure scenarios. Through CyberX, users can discover existing IoT assets and then manage and improve their security status.

Technological advancements are changing the way businesses are managed and operated throughout the world. On its part, the IoT technology is offering many breakthroughs that increase value for every business in all sectors including agriculture, healthcare, energy, manufacturing, real estate, and more.

Microsoft unveiled a $5 billion investment in IoT two years ago. Through that investment, the company aimed to enhance its commitment to create a trusted, easy-to-use platform for partners and customers. That would create well-connected solutions regardless of where they wish to start in their IoT journey.

Notably, the acquisition of CyberX will enable Microsoft clients to see a digital map of all devices across a factory floor or within a building. They can then collect information about their entire asset profile and vulnerabilities.

This visibility is important to determine where security risks may exist and then mitigate them effectively. Additionally, it is an integral step to securely activate smart grid, smart manufacturing, and other digitization use cases across the supply chain and production facilities.

How Microsoft benefits from the take over

CyberX joins many other security providers that offer Microsoft on-the-ground expertise and integration services. To that effect, the tech giant promises to continue to offer more value to its customers through this acquisition.

Microsoft already has a wide portfolio of IoT security offerings in threat protection that cover endpoints, users, applications, data, and much more.

For instance, in conjunction with Azure Sentinel SecOps, personnel can detect threats that affect Operational Technology- and IT-converged networks that were hard to detect in the past. SecOps has built-in IoT security workload.  

CyberX’s technology and team comes in handy as a useful addition to Microsoft in the commitment to IoT security and innovation that will transform businesses digitally.

IoT operation

IoT offers real-time analysis and insights into assets. That information ensures that businesses avoid unplanned downtime, reduce operational costs and unnecessary servicing. Although this technology comes with many benefits, the main challenge for potential users is securing IoT devices.

It is challenging to get the devices for legacy Operational Technology, new digitization initiatives, and industrial control system environments.

Microsoft currently offers multi-layer IoT security and IoT security monitoring in Azure. The platform is already being utilized by thousands of clients in production and it has made it possible to configure IoT devices securely.

Although configuring IoT devices securely is possible, Microsoft aims to simplify the Internet of Things. It also strives to make securing these devices easy.

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