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Might the $DECATS coin be a “Shiba Killer”?


Don’t miss the #DeCats NFT launch on 11th of December

With an investment of 1,000 USD in SHIB in 2020 when SHIB price was 0.000 000 000 055 and selling only 1 year later in October 2021 when SHIB price peaked at 0.0000 55, investors could easily earn 1 billion USD. Only a memecoin can do that crazy thing in the cryptocurrency market. But after SHIB, is there any meme coin worth looking forward to and having potential? Today we would like to introduce a new meme coin, called $DECATS.

With its unique characteristics and potential, $DECATS is challenging the way the community perceives memecoins and could beat Shiba Inu in the future.

$DECATS was spontaneously born as a community project by some DeFi whales and enthusiastic community members and is aiming to build an ecosystem around the meme #DeCats and around the $DECATS coin. 

The Potential of $DECATS: The Next Generation of Memecoins

$DECATS is not simply an ordinary „one-day fly“ memecoin. It represents innovation, 100% community orientation and a great opportunity for smart investors. Here are some reasons you should not miss the opportunity to invest in $DECATS:

1. Technological difference: $DECATS is not only technologically perfect (99.9% audit score) but also a continuously improved product and ecosystem. Built on the secure and efficient Polygon PoS blockchain network, $DECATS ensures fast, cheap and secure transactions.

2. Unlimited creativity: Similar to Shiba Inu, $DECATS uses the imagination and creativity of the community to develop. The $DECATS community and the team are very agile and they have the ability to come up with new ideas and implement them quickly, creating a dynamic and creative environment.

3. Opportunity for rapid price increase: $DECATS has the ability to increase price as quickly and significantly as Shiba Inu, giving investors the opportunity to make great profits.  With a strong community of supporters and a limited supply of only 10,000 $DECATS of which more than 72% were locked in the initial LP (locked for 1 year, then unlocked 5% every month), the remaining 28% on the team treasury is reserved for costs (marketing & expenses) and a big confirmed future airdrop. The current price of $DECATS is around 70 USD and market cap is only around 700,000 USD, so the value of $DECATS can increase significantly in a short period of time.

4. Innovation and creativity: $DECATS is not only a community memecoin but also has the potential to build a diverse ecosystem with potential applications in many different fields, from DAO to DeFi applications and  NFT‘s. The first official NFT collection will be released these days: *LINK*

5. Perfect combination: $DECATS is the perfect combination of creativity, community, technology, an experienced and engaged team and great financial opportunities.

Roadmap, team & success story

The roadmap was recently released and looks very promising. The team contains some wealthy and experienced DeFi whales (including an very early Bitcoiner, which bought his first BTC in 2011) and engaged community members and achieved already the first milestones:

  • raising market cap from 10,000$ to 260,000$ (price from 1$ to 26$)
  • official listings on two DEX on Polygon (QuickSwap and VirtuSwap)
  • official token audit with 99.9% audit score
  • official listings on CoinGecko and several DEX platforms like DEXScreener, DEXTools and GeckoTerminal
  • Meme contests in X (Twitter)
  • Zealy campaign

The roadmap promises that the #DeCats team will build an ecosystem around the $DECATS coin and we can look forward to seeing what else the team comes up with! 

Don’t miss the official #DeCats Meow NFT collection!

The next big event of the #DeCats community will be the launch of the official #DeCats Meow NFT collection. This collection is a very limited collection of “classic pixel art” NFT’s.

Only 999 NFT’s will be ever minted, each of them a unique cat. And only 888 of them will be available for purchase!

The presale starts on 11th of December and it can be expected that because of the exclusivity the NFT collection will be sold out already on the presale. The NFT collection will be sold on the principle “First come – first serve”, but is limited to max. 3 NFT per wallet address to give more users the chance to buy a #DeCats NFT.

#DeCats NFT Launchpage:

Informations about $DECATS token:

$DECATS trades on Polygon PoS on QuickSwap, VirtuSwap and DEX aggregators like ParaSwap. Token contract: 0x198f1d316aad1c0bfd36a79bd1a8e9dba92daa18
More detailed information about $DECATS you can find at the official website (, on X (, official Discord ( and the official Telegram group ( 

NO FINANCIAL ADVICE: Remember that returns also come with risks, so make sure you do your research before deciding to invest. But don’t miss this opportunity to participate in the potential memecoin cryptocurrency race. $DECATS could be a great financial adventure for you.


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