NASDAQ-listed Cardlytics teams up with Crypto.com to provide cashback rewards

NASDAQ-listed Cardlytics teams up with Crypto.com to provide cashback rewards
5 months ago
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Cryptocurrency exchange Crypto.com has recently announced it has teamed up with Cardlytics, Inc. (NASDAQ: CDLX) to offer cashback rewards to its customers.

Cardlytics, a cashback rewards network with hundreds of brands and retail partners, offers cashback deals featuring some of the largest brands, including Adidas, (NYSE: WMT) and Airbnb.

The agreement announced on March 30 allows Crypto.com US card users to earn up to 10% back in rewards on top of the Crypto.com Visa Card incentives. All the crypto exchange’s US customers have been immediately enrolled in the new program as a result of the partnership.

Benefits for Crypto.com users 

Regarding the partnership, Senior Vice President and General Manager for North America at Crypto.com Joe Anzures stated that Crypto.com Visa (NYSE: V) cards offer some of the most attractive cashback rewards in the cryptocurrency space

“Crypto.com Visa cards offer the most attractive cash-back rewards in the market. Adding Cardlytics-powered rewards on top of it will supercharge benefits for our users.”

He added:

“We are looking forward to further driving adoption of cryptocurrency by helping our users unlock the value of their crypto for  payments   and earning rewards in crypto whenever they use their card.”

In the eyes of more and more businesses, cryptocurrencies are seen as “the future of finance.” Companies may continue to experiment with crypto cashback benefits as additional regulations are implemented. 

Beyond payments, it is possible that more organizations may begin to incorporate cryptocurrency into established services.

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