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Notcoin Leads Top Crypto Gainers – Here’s Why it’s Pumping

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Notcoin (NOT) grew 30% in the last 3 days, outperforming the overall crypto market’s growth by 500%. Notcoin is an interesting take on crypto gaming, launching on The Open Network(TON,) the Telegram game rewards users for completing tasks.

Notcoin’s biggest selling point is how community-oriented it is, with 94.18% of tokens held by the community. However, it’s an open question whether Notcoin will be able to stand up to its competitors in the GameFi space once the hype dies down.

Notcoin Soars Following Token Burn & Staker Incentivization

By taking advantage of its lightweight nature, and the Telegram ecosystem, Notcoin has become one of the pioneers of the mini-apps and Telegram GameFi spaces.

Notcoin’s price is $0.0164 as of June 26, placing it in the top 150 most valuable coins out there. Starting the month at $0.018, Notcoin’s grown 188.2% over the last month, with a massive 24-hour trading volume of  $422,978,077. Technical analysis forecasts Notcoin to grow to $0.027 in July, an increase of over 60%. 

There are multiple factors at play here, but the biggest is how invested Notcoin is in its community.

With 94.18% held by over 11.5 million stakers, traders, miners, and other community members, Notcoin maintains a strong relationship with its community. Only 5.82% of tokens are held in the treasury to help its development.

On top of this, Notcoin has had some of the biggest airdrops in the space. With $2.5B recently airdropped to the community, higher than zkSync and LayerZero’s airdrops combined.

Part of why experts are so bullish on Notcoin in the short-term is because of the $3 million token burn and $4.2 million staker incentivization implemented on the 25th of June. This is a huge boost to the community’s token holdings.

Finally, Notcoin has utility, being used in the titular clicker game. The game has proved addictive in its run, capturing the attention of millions of players. Its simple gameplay consisted of completing tasks and clicking the Notcoin icon to reap token rewards.

As the play-to-earn side of Notcoin ends to the dismay of many players, the roadmap shows Notcoin developing into a wider ecosystem. Focusing on giving users rewards for exploring other Telegram games and building sustainable systems independent of the team as a whole.

As Notcoin’s P2E Stage Ends, PlayDoge Offers a New Alternative

Notcoin’s play-to-earn stage has ended with all of the tokens being mined. However, more players are entering the space with some offering more interactive gaming experiences. PlayDoge, the native token of a new P2E project, has already hit $5M in its presale and features a more immersive, Tamagotchi-like gameplay loop. 

The PlayDoge mobile game will see users care for meme-inspired virtual pets, using retro 8bit-graphics and various in-game P2E features.

Notcoin, at its core, was a clicker game. While the genre requires little time investment, clicker games generally don’t have much longevity as the gameplay is fairly simplistic and non-interactive. To the point that Notcoin’s development team expressed a lack of belief in the model’s future. A more interactive, aesthetic appeal is required for a long-term presence.

Getting coins for completing tasks and clicking an icon can be fun for a while. However, it’s a more artificial gameplay loop than caring for, visiting, and playing with a cute mascot, getting tokens for its happiness and satisfaction.

PlayDoge taps into a nostalgic, retro aesthetic with a doge mascot, which has proven itself to be an effective strategy in the current market. This combined with charming gameplay makes PlayDoge perfectly positioned to take Notcoin’s former place.

A cross between P2E and meme coins, excitement has been build over PlayDoge since it launched its presale back in May. Multiple analysts have stated that they are bullish on the project.

The token will serve as in-game currency, an earning mechanism, a rewards system within the game’s ecosystem, and as a tradable asset.

$PLAY tokens are currently priced at $0.00513 and can be purchased using ETH, USDT, or bank card. The next price increase is in 2 days time.

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