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Number of people working in blockchain space climbs almost 80% year-on-year

Number of people working in blockchain space climbs almost 80% year-on-year

Given the growing interest in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, there has been an increase in the number of people who have found employment in this emerging technology sector.

Specifically, the number of individuals working in the blockchain industry increased by 76% year-on-year as of June 2022, according to the findings of a report [PDF] conducted by the professional networking platform LinkedIn and the cryptocurrency exchange and derivatives exchange OKX released on August 10.

 “The total number of people working in the blockchain industry among LinkedIn’s worldwide members grew by 76% year-on-year as of June 2022.” 

Per the data, the United States, India, and China are the top three nations in the world when it comes to the availability of talent in the blockchain industry. India is the nation with the fastest-growing blockchain talent pool worldwide, with a growth rate of 122%. After that comes Canada with a growth rate of 106%, and in third place is Singapore with 92%.

Top 10 countries for global blockchain talent. Source: OKX

Job listings growth rate

Among the top 10 blockchain talent demand countries, Spain had the largest growth rate, 609%, in terms of the number of job listings related to blockchain technology. With a growth rate of 560% was Canada, while India comes in the top 3 with 145%.

2021 global blockchain talent job listings. Source: OKX

According to the findings, the finance sector has the largest number of individuals working in the blockchain industry, accounting for 19% of the total.

Next in terms of importance is engineering talent, which accounts for 16% of the total. Talent in business development, information technology, and sales rounds out the top five list with respective amounts of 6%.

According to the conclusion of the research, there is a significant gap in the need for technical skills. 

“There is currently a large gap in demand for technical talent in the global blockchain talent pool. Up until June 2022, in terms of job postings, engineering talent tops the global demand for blockchain talent, followed by IT talent. Product management, marketing and human resources are close behind. The finance category, which currently ranks first in terms of blockchain talent, is only sixth in terms of hiring demand.”

Finally, the research also recognizes that “global blockchain talent mobility [that is] characterized by short tenure and high talent turnover” is an effect of the demand for blockchain talent exceeding the supply.

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