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Nvidia acquires HD mapping startup to support autonomous vehicle branch

Nvidia acquires HD mapping startup to support autonomous vehicle branch

Chipmaker Nvidia has acquired DeepMap, a startup specializing in high-definition mapping solutions.

According to the company, the acquisition set to be finalized in Q3 2021 will enhance Nvidia Drive, the company’s autonomous vehicle technology segment.

The integration of DeepMap’s technology will help solve some of the pain points for Nvidia in achieving full autonomy in passenger vehicles.

Notably, the main challenge lies in attaining proper localization and updated mapping information that mirrors the current road conditions. Basically, the technology will enable chipmaker’s autonomous vehicles to locate themselves on the road. Accurate localization requires constantly updated maps, a feature provided DeepMap.

A DeepMap map in San Jose, Calif., depicting highly detailed features of the road and surrounding city block environment, including a reliable semantic layer of information with key attributes such as navigable boundaries, lane boundaries, crosswalks, traffic signs and traffic signals, explicit and implicit yield lines, and lane connectivity.

Ahead of finanlizing the deal, the tech giant will continue utilizing DeepMap’s ecosystem to meet current needs.

“We are excited to welcome the DeepMap team to NVIDIA. They have a proven track record and are entrepreneurial, nimble and engineering-focused. DeepMap meets a deep need in the industry, and together we will develop and extend these capabilities,” said Ali Kani, vice president and general manager of Automotive at NVIDIA.

Additionally, as part of the deal, Nvidia will also invest in new capabilities for DeepMap. DeepMap’s selling point is the ability to scale its maps quickly with minimal data storage through over-the-air updates.

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