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Octoblock Is Generating USDC Returns For ICO Participants – Learn How

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Octoblock (OCTO) is creating waves in the cryptocurrency market by offering USDC returns to its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) participants

Decoding Octoblock (OCTO) 

Octoblock integrates the foundational elements of decentralized finance (DeFi) with Game-Fi mechanics to offer a comprehensive ecosystem with services that suit a wide range of financial needs and preferences.

The Nautilus Trove will play a pivotal role in the Octoblock ecosystem, serving as a hub for revenue generation. The Trove will receive asset inflows into the ecosystem and then use a double-strategy system to allocate the funds to DeFi strategies and diversified investments, resulting in consistent revenue streams and growth opportunities. OCTO holders will share 45%  of the revenue generated based on the tokens they hold, and another 5% will be shared randomly through Octoblock’s Saltwater sweepstake. The Nautilus Trove will also support environmental sustainability as a share of the profits will go to the protection of marine life, restoration of oceans, and prevention of human-caused harm to marine life through the Tentacle Trust.

Octoblock’s cross-chain platform, Coral Cove, will streamline asset swapping and bridging across blockchains, offering low transaction costs, high security, and optimized transaction routes through liquidity aggregation. Additionally, Octoblock’s Crowd Funded Yield Farming (cFyF) mechanism will allow users to collectively participate in yield farming activities by contributing assets to a communal yield pool. The pooled capital will enable participants to access higher-yield farming rates than they individually would, thus increasing their profits substantially.

The Octoblock ICO

The Octoblock Initial Coin Offering (ICO) progressed to the second phase on April 5, increasing the OCTO price to $0.036 and reducing the token bonus to 14%. In the ICO, all OCTO tokens acquired are immediately recorded and included in a staking process. Every week, OCTO tokens will be credited to investors’ account balances, with the Annual Percentage Yield (APY) calculated based on the OCTO price during that stage. Going further, Octoblock will allocate USDC alongside the OCTO tokens, factoring this distribution into the APY calculations. This innovative approach aims to show gratitude to early Octoblock backers and ensure that capital remains actively engaged throughout the ICO phase, enhancing the overall investment experience.

Octoblock is also holding a Tesla giveaway exclusive to ICO participants, with one OCTO token purchased equating to one entry in the giveaway. This combines Octoblock’s vision for community engagement with its commitment to environmental sustainability.


By combining traditional ICO structures with the stability of USDC returns, Octoblock is demonstrating its commitment to creating sustainable and rewarding opportunities for investors.

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