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PlayDoge Meme Coin Presale Shows Signs of Soaring as It Surpasses $4 Million


There are plenty of play-to-earn crypto games out there but not many that are hitting the heights of PlayDoge. Already surpassing $4 million from its presale, this one has tapped the zeitgeist between nostalgia for retrogaming and the potential to earn through cryptocurrencies. 

In a blistering start to its launch, the game had already racked up over $3 million in presale within just two weeks. It’s since gone on to show signs of becoming the next thing in crypto to explode, sparking a great deal of excitement among crypto investors, enthusiasts, and fans of the quirky underlying cryptocurrency behind it all. 

How Crypto Presales Work 

According to Kane Pepi, crypto presales offer unique opportunities for investors to purchase a new cryptocurrency at a discounted price before its public launch on exchanges. However, given how bullish the crypto market has been in the last year, it can be challenging to identify which coins are truly poised to do well and which are likely to just fizzle out. The best crypto presales to invest in therefore comprise a mix of what’s right for an investor’s budget, safety, and the greater context behind a coin’s presale success and why it’s likely to be a wise move or not for the future. 

That means that as much as a presale may go well, there should also be viable signs pointing toward the resultant coin being one that will offer value to investors in the future too. If there isn’t a proper correlation between the presale performance and actual value, the presale has the potential to result in a false equivalence that draws investors in where there isn’t any actual value behind its presale success and its standing as a cryptocurrency with long-term investor potential. 

From the market’s POV, the presale represents a crucial phase in the journey to launching a new coin. Prior to a coin being listed on an exchange or going through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), a presale provides it with an opportunity to gain some value and display to the market why it will likely succeed or not. 

The Perks of a Presale for Investors 

At the presale phase, the cryptocurrency in question is far less tainted by the multitude of general investors and other global considerations that begin acting on its value. It’s also an important time since the quality of investors it can attract at presale may be subject to things like Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures that ensure certain eligibility requirements are met. 

For the token issuer, this is a vital stage in the cryptocurrency cycle to raise funds for the development of its intended blockchain. From the investor standpoint, it’s an opportunity to get in early and take advantage of more favorable terms. Investors may receive benefits such as bonuses, or preferential access to project updates, and be placed in a better position for subsequent token distributions. 

Such incentivization promotes early adoption of the currency and increases the value of a coin considerably before its official public launch. With the growing popularity and widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies everywhere from online casinos to physical retail stores and even car dealerships, staying on the lookout for the next big thing in crypto can be highly lucrative for savvy investors.  

How PlayDoge Capitalized on its Presale

Minted in 2013, DogeCoin has been popularized by its quirky, meme-inspired reputation. It was initially meant as a kind of parody coin and featured a logo that used the famous smiling Shiba Inu dog that had gained a wealth of fame as a popular meme image. This alone was enough to make it popular, though its creators, software engineers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer, likely still had no idea just how successful it would grow to become. 

Aside from the popularity it gained from social media platforms, it started being used for charitable projects, further aiding its reputation as the cryptocurrency that almost seemed to have a soul. However, one of its biggest boosts famously came from Elon Musk and his tweets that elevated the coin’s success through the billionaire’s endorsement of it. Its lighthearted beginnings aside, the coin has since become a serious player in the world of tokenomics and has remained popular ever since. 

Now that PlayDoge has established a highly successful presale, the new meme coin project looks set to explode as it’s already earned millions for its much-anticipated play-to-earn game. Playing on the quirkiness behind the original Dogecoin’s success, the game seems to have already captured the imaginations of investors and gamers in general too. There are a few reasons behind its success so far, and in true Dogecoin style, much of it has nothing to do with business, economics, or financial considerations. 

For now, a lot of the success behind PlayDoge’s impressive presale figures lies in the fact that the game is playing to the brand’s strengths. Where Dogecoin once capitalized on the popularity of memes and its place in modern pop culture, PlayDoge is going retro with a similar tilt as it is sparking a frenzy of nostalgia for the Tamagotchi craze of the late ‘90s and early ‘00s. 

Striking a balance between being familiar as a concept, but also quite unique in the play-to-earn space, the game has combined the virtual pet craze with the popularity of the meme coin and modern Doge fanaticism to brilliant effect. The little virtual pet is now a caricature of the famous dog, an idea that seems set to melt the hearts of players while filling their wallets too. 

The idea of a retro-style app featuring the Doge dog is a winner straight out the gate for many investors who can’t resist the obvious charms that hark back to their younger days when life seemed simpler and taking care of a virtual pet was actually a thing. Simple, yet so brilliant, the virtual PlayDoge dog will need to be fed and taken care of, and being a dog, will also need plenty of playtime. 

Doing so will earn players rewards in $PLAY while the player makes their way through 2D mini adventures. With all the ingredients to make itself a huge success, the gaming concept is unsurprisingly already gaining huge attention from the market, with its presale success giving investors insight into how successful it’s likely to grow from there.

A Win-Win 

For gamers, the gaming aspects will be fun and hypnotic enough. However, as a win-win situation, non-gamers will be able to stake their $PLAY to earn a passive income from PlayDoge. Of course, in the future, this will mean that the earnings can be sold on crypto exchanges and converted into real money. Seeming like a great bet for now, there’s every indication that the resultant cryptocurrency may be worth a lot one day for those who get in early and build their stake in it. The recent surge in DogeCoin itself is another indicator of how well the brand at large is doing.  


Ever since the advent of DogeCoin over a decade ago, the meme coin concept has remained very popular. Now, with the PlayDoge presale netting over $4 million already, the upcoming game promises to be just as popular as it combines the popularity of DogeCoin with the retro gaming concept of a Tamagotchi virtual pet. Gamers can enjoy the fun and simple game with a heart, while investors can build up their earnings and stake it for monetary rewards at a later stage — a win-win for everyone from the looks of it!


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