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Going by the description of an episodic series of digital audio files downloadable by users for listening purposes, podcasts are becoming a common phenomenon in the disbursement of information online. The word podcast may refer to one component of such a series or an individual media file.

The term comes from a combination of iPod and Broadcast. Podcasting started as an independent way for people to get their messages out to the world and simultaneously build a community of people with the same interests.

The strategy still exists, but today, podcast news and features are produced by companies, individuals, comedians, TV networks, radio networks, churches, storytellers, and new podcast-only networks. In most cases, they implement a subscription model. In most cases, new episodes automatically download through web syndication to a subscriber’s local device.

Most of the distributed files are in audio format. However, they, at times, include other file formats like EPUB and PDF. Any video that is shared following a podcast model is known as vodcast, video podcast, or vlog. There is no pre-determined format, length, style, production level, or any other characteristics that are related to podcasts.

The podcast owner maintains a centralized list of files on a server as a web feed. This feed is readily accessible through the internet. Anyone who wants to watch or listen uses special client application software on a media player or computer, podcatcher. The software accesses the web feed and simultaneously checks for updates and downloads any new files in the series.

Finance Podcasts on Finbold

Our podcast section makes it easy to access various finance podcasts through the internet. We use them to bring the most informative and engaging views, opinions, and guidelines provided by the global financial leaders, business people, and policymakers. You will always be in the know of what is happening in the financial sphere ahead of everyone else when you watch our podcasts.

You can listen to our podcasts on any device that you choose since they are scalable and precise.

When you browse through our site, you are presented with informative, trendy, and educative podcasts news guaranteed to influence your financial decisions positively.

This converging medium of information broadcast is described by many in the internet world as a disruptive technology that has influenced and changed the journalism sector. Whether it is the stocks, cryptocurrency, blockchain, fintech, or any other part of the financial world, we traverse the globe to bring you the most influential individuals in every field that you may think about.

Podcasting is considered to be a horizontal media form since the producers are consumers in some cases, and the consumers may also become produces. Through the market noises and disruptions, we will guide you every step of the way and our podcast news will enable you to make the right investment decisions in a sober and silent atmosphere away from the flurry markets.