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PopCat Made Meme Millionaires. Will KAI’s Presale Make Traders Similar Gains?

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Solana meme coin Popcat was for the Solana kids who missed out on BONK last year and wanted to get in at the ground floor of a new Web3 DeFi currency for those kinds of gains.

From Feb. 29 this year through May 4, this fun cat-themed meme currency raised so much capital it 37x’d investors’ input in crypto exchange prices for Popcat.

(Read further down why Ethereum Kai Cat Coin could be up next!)

That turned every $100 investors contributed to the project into $3,758 in just two months– 65 days. That was an average annualized return on investment (ROI) of 21,201%!

Normies may blink in disbelief, yawn, and turn Mad Money’s Cramer back on, but altcoin cryptocurrency investors get an enormous rush when they see numbers like that.

They know it’s something real.

How Normies Missed PopCat Price Profits!

The average normie sees a cartoon cat with its mouth wide open like it’s yelling “Aaugh!” the way Charlie Brown does when Lucy moves the football, and it just seems too weird, random, and stupid to be anything that could change their life or even add any value to it at all.

But the crypto traders who’ve been here before, who missed Bonk or hear from people who did, understand the meme and think it’s funny. They also don’t give the picture on their money any more mind than the average normie considers the dollar’s unfinished pyramid and eye on Mars.

Those founding fathers had their snake, turkey, and eagle memes. They had their space memes as a pre-space travel, star-watching civilization that used the starfield to navigate Earth’s oceans. Today’s big daddies are memeing about dogs, cats, and the moon, baby.

But the symbolism is a flourish on a financial miracle, a finishing touch on a revolution of techniques that have already generated more value for the world than most publicly-traded companies– and most investors are still going to miss the money-making opportunities.

For whatever reason, whatever cognitive bias or past trauma is holding them down, they imagine anything else happening to their $3,991 than something they’ve never heard of called POPCAT on something they’ve never heard of called Solana turning it into enough money ($150,000) to own a new Range Rover.

But that’s exactly what happened. Popcat started trading in late December, posted up for $0.01788 per token on Leap Day with a $4.62 million trading volume, and by Star Wars Day (May the fourth be with you!) –the weird thing was changing hands for $0.672 per POPCAT, with $118.53 million in trading volume, according to CoinMarketCap data.

Who’s going to be next?

Is Kai Cat Coin Ethereum’s Next Big Meme?

Kai Cat Coin on Ethereum is another cat meme currency launching at the end of June for Ethereum traders who missed Pepe Coin. 

There’s no telling for certain which new altcoin will deliver PopCat-like performance in Q3 and Q4 of 2024, but it’s not really like there’s that many new coins– a couple or few dozen at a time– and it’s clear enough who’s got clout financially, socially, and on the blockchain.

Instead of analysis paralysis, investors who check out five new presale coins, pick three, and shoot may do better than those who keep waiting in the vain hope that more info will help them find something they can be more certain will be the most insanely profitable gem out of the lot.

At some point if you don’t pick a chair to park your money, the music stops and you look up to see someone already sitting in your loaded Range Rover with the heated seats.

Imagine your frustration and regret if it’s Jim Cramer. Please don’t let the CNBC guys beat you to this opportunity.

Kai Cat Has Raised Over $500,000 In A Presale That Ends In June.


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