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Recap of ICP Events at NFC Summit 2024

Recap of ICP Events at NFC Summit 2024

The NFC Summit 2024 was an impressive display of digital culture and Web3 innovation that had attendees buzzing. Some of the top highlights included three epic events organised by the Internet Computer Protocol Portual Hub: the ICP x CryptoMondays: NFC Investor Panel & Rooftop Happy Hour, Web3 Society: Art, Culture & Gaming, and Lisbon Degens (the official after party of Memecon 2024). Each event added its own unique flavour to the vibrant mix of the summit. Here’s a closer look at these unforgettable gatherings.

ICP x CryptoMondays: NFC Investor Panel & Rooftop Happy Hour

The NFC Summit 2024 kicked off with a bang on Monday with the ICP x CryptoMondays: NFC Investor Panel & Rooftop Happy Hour. Held at the Fintech House, this event brought together 100 attendees for an evening of sharp insights and plenty of networking opportunities.

The evening started with a powerful panel discussion on the latest Web3 investment trends. Heavy hitters like Pedro Cerdeira of 3 Comma Capital, Jan-Philip Grabs of Arena, Tim Haldorsson of Lunar Capital, and Ivailo Jordanov of Paper Ventures shared their thoughts. With Ivan Maltsev of 3x Capital moderating, the conversation covered the current investment climate, market strategies, and predictions for future growth.

Our stellar investor panel included:

Pedro Cerdeira: General Partner at 3 Comma Capital, a next-generation asset manager, venture capital firm, and Web 3.0 infrastructure specialist.

Jan-Philip Grabs: Founding Partner at Areta (formerly web3 Studios), a global investment banking firm for the web3 and digital assets economy.

Tim Haldorsson: Partner at Lunar Capital, the investor arm of ecosystem growth firm Lunar Strategy.

Ivailo Jordanov: Partner at Paper Ventures, a venture capital fund for blockchain startups.

After the panel, attendees mingled over drinks and appetisers and enjoyed a lively DJ set on the rooftop. The backdrop of Lisbon’s skyline added to the atmosphere, making it the perfect setting for industry leaders, investors, and enthusiasts to exchange ideas and forge new connections.

Web3 Society: Art, Culture & Gaming

On Wednesday, the Web3 Society: Art, Culture & Gaming event drew an impressive crowd of 510 attendees eager to explore the intersection of technology and creativity. This exclusive gathering highlighted the best Web3 projects and builders, offering a blend of startup pitches, expert-led panels, and immersive art exhibitions.

The evening began with a series of startup pitches showcasing some of the most creative projects in the Web3 space, including Shockwave, MetaWealth, Rayn and Metafight.  Entrepreneurs presented their ideas, ranging from decentralised gaming platforms to new digital art forms, wowing the audience with their visionary concepts.

Following the pitches, a panel of experts took to the stage to discuss the current trends and future prospects of Web3 in art, culture, and gaming. The panelists, all leaders in their respective fields, shared their insights on how blockchain technology is transforming these industries, the challenges they face, and the opportunities that lie ahead.

The panel included:

Marina , representing the ICP hub

Thomas CHAUVEAU from Metafight

Antoine Peltier from Waldos Legend

The highlight of the event was the art exposition, which featured works from some of the most talented Web3 artists. 

3 artists that were displayed: Liens Alexis Olin : , ,

Attendees marvelled at the fusion of technology and creativity, seeing firsthand how blockchain enables new forms of artistic expression.

Lisbon Degens: The Official After Party of Memecon 2024

The NFC Summit 2024 came to a close with a high-energy celebration at the Lisbon Degens Party (the official after-party of Memecon 2024). Held in Mome, this event was the highlight of the summit, attracting 1,125 attendees who came together to celebrate the meme coin community.

The event, was create in partnership with FOMO @0xjaynfts from FOMO Magazine, Borderless @b0rser1ess and a gently used 2001 Honda Civi @2001civicONsol, and Bitget Global @bitgetglobal

Lisbon Degens was a riot of lights and music, perfectly capturing the wild and whimsical spirit of Memecon. Dressed in creative and eccentric costumes, attendees enjoyed the beats of top DJs. And with multiple stages offering different themes and music styles, there was something for everyone.

Attendees from different corners of the Web3 space came together, united by their shared love of memes and digital culture, creating a real sense of camaraderie. The Degen Party not only capped off the NFC Summit perfectly but also highlighted the importance of community in the Web3 world.

Wrapping up NFC Summit 2024 Recap

The ICP events at NFC Summit 2024 were a smash hit, each adding its unique energy to the summit. From the sharp insights at the ICP x CryptoMondays: NFC Investor Panel & Rooftop Happy Hour to the creative burst at Web3 Society: Art, Culture & Gaming and the wild celebration at the Degen Party, these events showcased the best of the Web3 community.

As the summit wrapped up, attendees walked away with fresh knowledge, new connections, and unforgettable memories. The enthusiasm and momentum generated by these events will surely drive the future of digital culture and Web3 innovation. If you want to stay updated on ICP’s future events, join our Telegram and follow us on X.


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