Seven memes-turned-NFTs earned $1.7 million

Seven memes-turned-NFTs earned $1.7 million
1 year ago
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Popular internet memes have cashed on the ongoing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) frenzy raking in $1.77 million in auctions on various marketplaces.

The famous ‘Disaster Girl’ photo meme is the most profitable NFT under this category returning $573,000 at auction. The picture went viral showing a mischievously grinning girl in front of a burning house.

Elsewhere, the Japanese ‘Nyan Cat’ meme ranks second after earning $515,817, followed by the ‘Overly Attached Girlfriend’ meme at $459,260.

American internet celebrity cat dubbed ‘Grumpy Cat’ earned $100,860 in the auction, followed by ‘Bad Luck Brian’ at $45,517. Following April’s auction, the ‘Leave Britney Alone’ viral video by Chris Crocker earned $43,027, while ‘Success Kid’ returned $35,204.

Meme cashing on NFTs popularity

The meme-inspired NFTs are capitalizing on the rising popularity of crypto art. The popularity is based on the ability to securely value, purchase, and exchange digital art using a digital ledger.

Furthermore, some of the subjects in the meme are also leveraging on NFTs because creators can prove ownership of their works leveraging digital signs backed by blockchain technology. This gives NFT’s the ability to eliminate illegal duplication of digital works.

Additionally, the rise of NFT is reflected in the trading volume of various marketplaces. Research by cryptocurrency trading simulator Crypto Parrot indicates that the all-time trading volume of the ten leading NFT marketplaces has hit $1.63 billion as of May 4, 2021.

Memes mentioned in the areticle:

Success Kid (sold for $35,204):

Leave Britney Alone (sold for $43,027):

Bad Luck Brian (sold for $45,517):

Grumpy Cat: (sold for $100,860):

Overly Attached Girlfriend: (sold for $459,260):

Nyan Cat: (sold for $515,817):

Disaster Girl (sold for $573,136):

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