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Shiba Inu NFTs Embrace ERC-404; Promising Altcoin on the Verge of Leading AI-Driven Crypto Market

Shiba Inu NFTs Embrace ERC-404; Promising Altcoin on the Verge of Leading AI-Driven Crypto Market
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The crypto world is buzzing 24/7 with new ideas, breakthroughs, and a growing community that’s always on the move. In this lively scene, projects like Shiba Inu have gone from being a meme coin to serious players shaking up the blockchain world. And it’s not just them – new ICOs on the block like InQubeta are pushing the limits, making high-tech investments something everyone can get in on. We’re seeing the beginning of a new chapter in our digital economy, one that’s all about growing together and expanding what blockchain can do.

Shiba Inu Enters the ERC-404 Scene

Shiba Inu, known as one of the best meme coins, has matured into a pioneering force within the NFT space with its latest endeavor, the ‘SHEboshis.’ These NFTs are not your typical digital collectibles; they are at the forefront of embracing the ERC-404 token standard. This innovative move by the Shiba Inu team, particularly developer Kaal Dhairya, represents a significant pivot towards uncharted territories within the Ethereum ecosystem.

The introduction of the ERC-404 standard is a game-changer. It amalgamates the distinct features of ERC-721 and ERC-20, enhancing NFT liquidity and fostering an environment conducive to fractional ownership. This development is not just a technical leap but a cultural one, signaling a shift in how digital assets are perceived, utilized, and valued.

The journey of the SHEboshis, from conception to integration into the Ethereum network, and the eventual plan to bridge them to Shibarium, exemplifies the innovative spirit of the Shiba Inu project. Despite initial challenges, such as the unexpected bug that led to an over-distribution of SHEboshis, the team’s response was swift and effective, showcasing resilience and a commitment to their community. By expanding the minting capacity from 12,000 to 20,000, Shiba Inu not only rectified the issue but also reinforced its dedication to fairness and accessibility.

InQubeta: Pioneering the AI-Driven Crypto Market

Amidst the backdrop of evolving NFT standards, InQubeta emerges as a beacon of innovation in the AI-driven crypto market. At a time when AI is the buzzword across the board, this project seeks to bridge the gap between two latest tech trends in the market, AI and crypto. Through InQubeta, the once-elite domain of AI investment is unraveled and laid open to the masses, courtesy of the QUBE token.

InQubeta is shaking things up by making it possible to chip in on the next big AI startups with just a fraction of an investment. This isn’t about throwing money at vague ideas; it’s about buying NFTs that give you a real slice of real businesses, complete with rewards and a share in their success. This opens up the playing field for everyone, tearing down the walls that used to keep regular folks from getting in on ground-floor opportunities.

From the deflationary nature of QUBE tokens, designed to incentivize long-term holding and participation, to the rigorous auditing processes conducted by Hacken and KYC verifications by BlockAudit, InQubeta is setting new standards for trust and reliability in crypto investments.

The presale is going great guns with a massive funding of over $10.5 million, which sets the stage for bigger things to come. As we enter Round 8 of presale, things are heating up for a blockbuster launch of this cryptocurrency ICO.


As we stand at the intersection of meme culture, NFT innovation, and democratized investment, it’s clear that projects like Shiba Inu and InQubeta are not merely participants in the cryptocurrency revolution; they are architects of its future. The bold steps taken by Shiba Inu with the ERC-404 NFTs and the visionary model of InQubeta in the AI market are testimonies to the transformative power of blockchain technology.

As these projects grow from just ideas to major forces in the market, they tell a story of innovation, toughness, and never giving up. As the crypto world keeps unfolding, the marks made by Shiba Inu and InQubeta are sure to stand out as key moments in the journey of digital finance. These aren’t just reflections of where blockchain is today; they’re lighting the way for where we’re all headed next in this exciting space.

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