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Shining Bright: Bitcoin Spark’s Potential to Outpace Shiba Inu

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The crypto industry emanated as a form of peer-to-peer transaction; within years, they were traded as novelties. The ecosphere managed to integrate into more than a billion-dollar technological niche. Led by the two key players, Ethereum and Bitcoin, digital currencies have had immense traction as entrepreneurs enter the ecosystem intending to have potential profits. 

From Bitcoin, the decentralized ecosystem continues to surge over time as many improvisations are kept on track, including new emerging projects. A new project has been discussed despite being in the first phases of the presale period. Bitcoin Spark has created waves in the digital currency sphere that everyone wants to join because of the offered perks.

What is Shiba Inu?

Shiba Inu is a digital currency that emerged as an internet meme and hype on social media spaces. The memecoin was named after a Japanese breed dog. It boasts of being an Ethereum altcoin. Having been generated in 2020 by a widespread group of individuals with the pseudonym Ryoshi, the digital currency expects a massive surge of crypto investors into its community. 

Bitcoin Spark Amazes Crypto Enthusiasts

Digital currency enthusiasts suggest that the new platform should have a quick intervention as it initiates beneficial mechanisms. Bitcoin Spark will change the perspective of these individuals on the virtual currency ecosystem. 

The platform leverages decentralized technology to offer scalability and efficiency. Most importantly, three critical and comprehensive auditing firms, Contract Wolf, Vital Block, and Cognitos, have thoroughly and deeply inspected Bitcoin Spark’s KYC and smart contract operation.

In 2009, Satoshi created Bitcoin to promote user transactions without needing a third party. The digital currency had a spectacular run in 2013 as the first bull market commenced. Since then, Bitcoin has become a prominent virtual currency in the ledger technology. Nevertheless, Bitcoin has shortcomings that limit its development phase to the next level. 

Aspects such as low speed (7 TPS), which lead to high transaction cost, lack of smart contract, and mining juggernauts, which promote centralization, have made individuals entering blockchain seek altcoins such as Bitcoin Spark. Bitcoin Spark, regarded as the new initiative, will provide more solutions to these hindrances. 

First, the network will reduce the time consumed in creating a single block, increasing transaction speed and reducing cost. The network will also allow the deployment of smart contracts in its network, allowing the utilization of various programming languages in developing dApps. There will also be a comprehensive system that limits the linear distribution of rewards, hence boosting motivation for participants to partake in the ecosphere. 

Bitcoin Spark has a unique marketing strategy that fully functions on a new approach that traps the attention of investors and entrepreneurs. The platform uses innovative disruption as a marketing system compared to other crypto startups using traditional marketing strategies that are barely effective. 

The mechanism interrupts traditional marketing with aspects like storytelling, utilizing modern technology for a wider reach, and strategically positioning the network. The marketing team has massive knowledge and experience to accumulate comprehension of the recent market swings and strongholds. Moreover, Bitcoin Spark’s ongoing presale is in the fourth phase, where BTCS is being purchased for $2.25 each.  

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