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Solciety Price Prediction – Is SLCTY a Good Investment?

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Solciety describes itself as the “political party of the Degen” capitalizing on the growing trend of PolitiFi tokens

Launched on the Solana blockchain, Solciety blends political satire with meme culture, aiming to challenge the status quo and provide a platform for dissent.

Solciety’s ecosystem establishes its foundation as a Meme Campaigner, an innovative tool that allows users to create and share political memes featuring satirical characters like Pepe the Senator and Badimir Putin. 

Per the project’s whitepaper, this feature not only engages the community but also serves as a potential earning mechanism for users.

The project’s timing is strategic, coinciding with the 2024 U.S. elections and the broader surge in meme coins. Solciety’s anti-establishment ethos resonates with the crypto community, drawing parallels to the GameStop phenomenon and tapping into the desire for both financial gains and political expression.

Tokenomics and Roadmap: Charting a Course to Crypto Capitol Hill

Solciety’s tokenomics are said to have been designed to support long-term growth and community engagement. The total supply of SLCTY tokens is set at 10 billion, with allocations as follows:

  • 30% for Presale
  • 20% for Marketing
  • 17% for Liquidity
  • 15% for Treasury
  • 10% for Rewards
  • 5% for Partnerships
  • 3% for Development

This distribution emphasizes community participation (presale), market visibility (marketing), and trading stability (liquidity). The 10% allocation for rewards is particularly noteworthy, as it incentivizes active participation in the Meme Campaigner.

Solciety’s Roadmap

Phase 1: Presale and grassroots campaigning

Phase 2: Public listing and launch of a real-world political candidate

Phase 3: AR integration for the Meme Campaigner

Phase 4: AI-enabled features for meme creation and translation

The project also plans a token burn event once 1 million memes have been created and distributed through the Meme Campaigner, potentially impacting the token’s value.

A Look Into Solciety Presale Structure

Solciety’s presale is structured in 15 stages, with the price increasing by 3% every 72 hours. As of the latest update:

  • Current stage: 5 of 15
  • Current price: $0.002289
  • Next price: $0.002357
  • Amount raised: $769,937 out of $1,402,708 target

The presale offers an opportunity for early investors to acquire SLCTY tokens at a discounted rate before public trading begins. The structured price increases aim to incentivize early participation and create momentum leading up to the public launch.

Solciety Price Prediction: Can Solciety Meme Its Way to the Crypto White House?

Predicting the price of a new meme coin like Solciety is challenging due to the volatile nature of the crypto market and the speculative factors driving meme coin valuations. However, several elements could influence SLCTY’s future price.

2024 Price Prediction

For 2024, Solciety could potentially reach a price range of $0.005 to $0.015. This projection considers the U.S. Presidential Election, which could drive interest in PolitiFi tokens, continued growth in the meme coin market, initial exchange listings, and the Bitcoin halving event. Assuming a successful launch and initial adoption, this represents a potential 2x to 6x increase from its final presale price.

2025 Price Prediction

Looking ahead to 2025, Solciety might see its price climb to the $0.02 to $0.06 range. This estimate takes into account the potential achievement of key project milestones, such as the successful implementation of AR features and real-world political campaigns. 

The year following the Bitcoin halving typically sees significant growth in the crypto market, which could benefit Solciety. Additionally, continued expansion of the community and increased meme creation could drive demand for SLCTY tokens.

Is PlayDoge The Best Solciety Alternative?

Even though Solciety presents users with an interesting investment while delving into the craze of current politics, its appeal is limited to the time until the US presidential elections finally happen. Since it is a meme coin designed to capitalize on the election sensation, it doesn’t have any long-term value. Therefore, investors looking for a token that combines the virality of a meme asset with long-term benefits might pick PlayDoge instead.

Presenting users with a 2D doge inside an ecosystem that revives the nostalgic appeal of Tamagotchis, PlayDoge is not just a meme coin; it is a P2E project designed to reward skills. The act of caring for digital pets now has a monetary element associated with it. 

And along with the addition of mini-games, investors will be able to leverage their digital pets, their “PlayDoges,” in more ways than one. Put simply, the project has both short-term and long-term benefits.

The project’s presale is underway, and more than $5.5 million has already been raised. Leading crypto YouTubers like 99Bitcoins, have predicted that meme coin could 50x or even 100x investor’s money.

Those interested in this unique P2E project can visit 

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