Sony seeks to acquire creative firms to strengthen 1st party games portfolio

Sony seeks to acquire creative firms to strengthen 1st party games portfolio
2 years ago
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Sony seeks to promote its profitability by exploring the idea of expanding first-party titles to the PC platform. The suggestion by Sony comes after a port of the former PlayStation 4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn was released early this year.

Sony Interactive Entertainment, the branch in charge of PlayStation views this move as an opportunity to achieve robust revenue growth. According to the Sony 2020 Corporate Report, there will be more investments in companies with widescale creativity and cutting-edge technologies to help in realizing the course. 

The electronic manufacture wants the PlayStation to be the go-to console for consumers by increasing active users and playtime. Further, Sony believes enhancing network services, and reinforcing content IP will give it a market edge.  

Sony’s strategic direction

The plan is part of Sony’s strategic direction for the next year. Under the strategic direction, there is accelerating the enhancement and rollout of exclusive PlayStation games. 

The strategy also entails establishing game experiences that were not previously possible through the PlayStation 5. At the same time, Sony has prioritized promoting a smooth transition to the next-generation console.

The reports noted the importance of leveraging new and existing partnerships. 

“Making the best use of new and existing partnerships while driving growth will be important for achieving further expansions in scale. Through maintaining the momentum and ecosystem that PS4 built up until now, we will promote a smooth transition to the PS5.”

The report comes ahead of the winter release of PS5. Sony revealed that to date, PS4 has sold 112.1 million cumulative units. The PlayStation Network has over 113 million monthly active users while PS Plus has now surpassed 45.0 million paid subscribers.

Notably, games under the PS5 will be by 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party developers. Sony has promised that games on the PS5 will usher in a fresh gaming experience. 

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