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Templeton Issues Meme Stance Amidst Regulatory Uncertainty, $GFOX Presale Finalizes

Templeton Issues Meme Stance Amidst Regulatory Uncertainty, $GFOX Presale Finalizes
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A prominent trillion-dollar asset manager, Franklin Templeton made headlines in the crypto space after it announced its surprising stance on meme coins. In a peculiar investment note, the firm noted that although meme coins have little to no intrinsic value, they have great profit potential.

This stance illuminates the growing influence of meme-based tokens including lesser-known gems like $GFOX which are gaining a reputation as some of the best altcoins

In this article, we’ll dig deeper into Templeton’s stance on meme coins and the $GFOX presale which is now in its closing stages.


$GFOX Presale Is in Its Final Stages

After 10 stages of the presale, the $GFOX presale is now in its final stages. The presale has been one of the most spoken about in the crypto space, even being ranked as one of the best presales in 2023. This has propelled $GFOX into the limelight, making it stand out as one of the best altcoins to invest in.

The success of the $GFOX presale is undeniable. So far, the presale has raised over $5.4 million, a significant feat for any new ICO crypto. What is more, the $GFOX project has managed to win over the hearts of market analysts and enthusiasts who believe that early investors are looking at a minimum of 100X growth after the launch.

To say that enthusiasts are excited about the launch of this new ICO crypto is an understatement. With over 100X profits to be made after retail listing, investors can hardly wait for this coin to be available for trading. Better still, web3 gamers are excited to try out the $GFOX play-to-earn game and see how it compares to prominent games like The Sandbox and Axie Infinity.

Investors are also looking forward to the other features such as the merchandise. While most digital currency projects restrict themselves to the digital realm. $GFOX offers a collection of physical merchandise that you can purchase and take home with you. This collection includes stunning fashion items and collectibles that are guaranteed to make $GFOX a household name in no time.

The staking feature, which pays out rewards to those who lock up their $GFOX tokens is also an exciting part of the $GFOX ecosystem. It helps to ensure high liquidity within the platform while also making certain that loyal investors feel appreciated.


Franklin Templeton Comments On Meme Coins

In an investment note titled “The Value Between Meme Coins and Their Native Networks,” Templeton explores the exciting world of meme coins, noting that their lack of utility has not hindered them from becoming some of the best meme coins.

Led by their pioneer, $DOGE meme coins have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. This growth was mostly sparked by the coins ‘almost cult-like following. $DOGE began as a lighthearted joke. A coin designed to poke fun at the seriousness of mainstream cryptocurrencies like $BTC and $ETH. $DOGE quickly attracted a large following and with endorsements from prominent figures like Elon Musk, it has grown to become the 8th largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

Lesser known meme coins have also gained prominence recently with coins on the Solana blockchain blowing up with impressive gains. One of the reasons behind this growth is the low barriers to entry associated with meme coins. While other coins might require you to gain in-depth knowledge of blockchain technology, meme coins only need you to identify with a popular internet meme.

Most meme coins are also cost-effective to purchase, with coins like $DOGE and $SHIB trading for less than a dollar despite being some of the best altcoins.


Final Word

Meme coins are here to stay. They are now considered some of the best altcoins to invest in by market analysts and large asset managers like Templeton. If you haven’t yet joined this sector of the crypto space, take advantage of the $GFOX presale to make an easy 100X profit.

Learn more about $GFOX here:

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