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Texas HODL Reveals: Transforming Poker with TEX Tokens and Lightning Speed

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San Jose, Costa RIca, April 10th, 2024, Chainwire

Texas HODL is set to redefine the online poker arena by integrating the Bitcoin Lightning Network, marking a new era of fast, secure, and user-centric gaming experiences. Texas HODL offers poker enthusiasts a seamless way to play and transact, backed by the TEX token economy.

Embracing the Lightning Network

The integration of the Lightning Network into Texas HODL’s platform aims to ensure instant transactions with minimal fees and looking to grant players unprecedented access to their funds and the ability to play and withdraw with ease. The team’s forward-thinking move places Texas HODL at what looks to be the forefront of technological innovation in online gaming, a strategy validated by Coinbase’s recent adoption of Lightning payments.

TEX Tokens JUST LAUNCHED: A Game-Changer in Online Poker

The introduction of TEX tokens is not merely a functional aspect of Texas HODL’s ecosystem; it represents a unique opportunity for players to become stakeholders in the platform’s success. With a total supply of 1 billion tokens, TEX tokens are potentially set to drive the platform’s growth and foster a community directly invested in its prosperity.

Invest in the Future of Poker with TEX Tokens

TEX tokens are now available for purchase, allowing participants to contribute to the platform’s liquidity and, in return, receive a portion of the platform’s rake in staking rewards. The Texas HODL team believes that this innovative approach will ensure that, as Texas HODL expands, its community of token holders will directly benefit from the platform’s success.

TEX Token Roadmap: Phases of Opportunity

Texas HODL’s exciting TEX token roadmap is per the team “a bold vision set to soar as the platform expands”.

Phase one started with 130 million tokens available at $0.01 each, with an additional 20 million earmarked for airdrops. The funds will enhance the platform with new game modes and robust marketing campaigns.

Phase two offers 250 million tokens at market value, focusing on completing the staking protocol, creating a transparent user dashboard, and aiming at building partnerships to drive Texas HODL’s presence in the poker world.

Phase three introduces 100 million tokens at fair value, targeting significant platform advancements, a global tournament series, and state-of-the-art AI customer support.

The TEX Token Community Journey

As Texas HODL continues to chart a course for success, they invite players to become part of this groundbreaking journey. Holding TEX tokens is more than gameplay; it’s an entry into a community-driven platform where success is shared, making every HODLER a winner.


Texas HODL is revolutionizing online poker for the cryptocurrency era, offering the excitement of poker enhanced by Bitcoin’s Lightning Network for fast, secure transactions. This platform blends the thrill of poker with the freedom of Bitcoin, fostering a community passionate about crypto and strategic play, alongside a rewarding affiliate system to encourage community growth.

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